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How to Activate and Use BDO Cash Card

If you're a new Banco De Oro (BDO) Cash Card holder, your new BDO Cash Card needs to be activated. You cannot use it (withdraw, deposit, or balance inquiry) if you don't activate it. Activating your BDO Cash Card is by means of creating a PIN through a BDO ATM (machine). Here's a procedure on how to activate your BDO Cash Card:

BDO Cash Card
BDO Cash Card (photo)

BDO Cash Card back side

1. Go to a nearest BDO ATM.

2. Insert your BDO Cash Card to the ATM and enter any 6-digit PIN.

3. Press "Other Services"

4. Press "PIN Change".

5. Enter your new 6-digit PIN.

6. Re-enter your PIN in order to confirm.

7. Wait for the confirmation message: "New PIN has been generated".

8. Then, get your BDO Cash Card and the transaction slip.

You can now use your BDO Cash Card to any BDO ATM or ATM that has Megalink, BancNet or Expressnet logos. If you have questions or problems activating your BDO Cash Card, you can ask for help to the bank personnel.

Are you having a problem activating or using your BDO Cash Card?
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6 harley zook   (07 September 2016 6:53 AM)
Hello, I activated my cash card on 9/5 at the ATM I got my pin number...The bank gal did it for me since the instructions were in Tagalog....I loaded it with 25k pesos the same day.......now it is two days later and I tried on line ordering from two places.......both were declined because of the card22

5 Randy Magtoto Yap   (05 August 2016 1:20 PM)

How can i register my cash card online?

Thank you,

4 jerome canico   (21 June 2016 5:27 AM)
Good day i have a problem activating my bdo cash card, if i press "other services" it only "donations" appear on the screen i cannot put a pin number. Please help.


3 Shiela Gudez Polintan   (15 March 2016 4:39 PM)

How can I register my cash card online?

Thank you.

2 mylene tarroza   (28 July 2014 6:24 AM)
Hi,am new to this of using the cash card. My first questions is regarding the pin. on the instruction above, No# 2; you said ANY 6 digit pin, as in? until you can create a new one and confirm? Second is the option on the machine , no#3, the machine that we have nearby (bdo atm) has no option of such. help and thanks. -mai

1 jenny   (16 June 2014 4:15 PM)
How can I receive peso from U.S in BDO atm?