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How to Inquire Balance on BDO Cash Card Online

Like a regular BDO ATM Card, you can also inquire your account balance (balance inquiry) of your BDO Cash Card online. But first you must enrol your BDO Cash Card to BDO online banking facility. This might help you: "How to Apply for Banco de Oro (BDO) Internet Online Banking". After successful enrollment, you can now inquire the account balance of your BDO Cash Card. Follow the 2-steps below:

Step 1

Go to https://online.bdo.com.ph. This is Banco de Oro's online banking facility where you can access your account online, pay bills, transfer funds, buy a cellphone load, etc.

Step 2

Log-in to the website and go to Account Information. This is the section inside BDO's online banking website where you can view your accounts, account Number, available cash card balance, etc.. You can also view your other accounts in this section such as Deposit Accounts and Credit Card Accounts.

BDO Cash Card Balance inquiry

Are you having a problem checking your BDO Cash Card balance online?
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27 Lovelee jane m. velasco   (11 November 2017 3:32 PM)
Iwill check my balance

26 Maricar Evangelista   (27 June 2017 11:05 AM)
How can i register my bdo cash card online to check my balance

25 Ma. Rosario Dela Peña   (15 May 2017 11:36 AM)
How can I register my Bdo Cashcard online? So I can check my Balance quick. Thanks.

24 melchorito laurente   (09 December 2016 10:16 PM)
paano ko po inquire ang kabayan savings

23 Riwena ungao   (26 November 2016 0:36 AM)
How to inquire my kabayan savings

22 Edmundo Reyes   (15 September 2016 8:30 PM)
My card # 601853 908 0883048. I withdraw at RCBC ATM at Puregold Anabu. The amount was debited but no cash pop out. Please advice


21 Romulo N pasmala   (10 September 2016 6:00 AM)
How to balance my account... Online thanks

20 Dolores N.Cabsag   (14 August 2016 12:13 PM)
How to balance my bdo savings kabayan?

19 Marlyn Dela Cruz   (05 August 2016 6:19 PM)
I want to inquire my balance on my BDO savings account. .I'm here abroad..I always deposit to my account. Thanks.

18 emely ellama   (07 July 2016 7:22 PM)
i want to inquire my balance. thanks

17 Dods Castro   (05 July 2016 1:04 PM)
Please show me the real site I found nothing in her

16 aiza cavan traya   (28 June 2016 6:52 AM)
good morning please check my account... yesterday my BF sent my account HOW TO CHECK

15 jacquelyn puyo   (09 June 2016 1:30 PM)
Hi good morning.please be check my bdo account..i was send money for my account yesterday i want to know if already deposite to my account.thanks

14 jacquelyn puyo   (09 June 2016 1:27 PM)
Hi goodmorning..please check my bdo account if already deposit my through account i was send money yesterday. For my account.thanks

13 Leah Anna P. De Leon   (03 June 2016 9:26 PM)
how will I check my bdo cashcard balance online?

12 Eddie Villafranca Morauda   (17 May 2016 6:20 PM)
good eve. please check my personal savings

11 Dale Rome Garcia   (05 May 2016 8:55 AM)
Good morning admin. Please check if I have my salary? Thank you. :)

10 Dale Rome Garcia   (05 May 2016 8:51 AM)
Gud morning. Can you pls check if my company deposited my salary. thank you.

9 Dale Rome Garcia   (05 May 2016 8:49 AM)
Gud morning. can you please check my salary if our company deposit it. Thank you.

8 angelo p. dalera   (23 March 2016 3:08 PM)

7 mike c. bongalontaba   (22 December 2015 7:21 AM)
pls check my salary

6 Raynaldo P. Baldesco   (04 December 2015 11:30 AM)
Can you please check my salary. Thanks

5 arlene zingapan   (31 July 2015 1:08 PM)
i check my remmitance

4 karen calumpang   (19 May 2015 2:41 AM)
Please can i check my balance in ny aCcount

3 karen calumpang   (19 May 2015 2:40 AM)
can i check my balance please i really want to know..thank you..

2 Rayhan Anzana   (16 October 2014 2:47 AM)
Richard pilas please check my balance

1 roda   (15 April 2014 11:28 PM)