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How to Open a Metrobank Account If You're Outside the Philippines

Many Filipinos especially the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are wondering if they can apply or open an account in Metrobank even they're living outside the Philippines. Your purpose might be to send money from your country to the Philippines.

Does Metrobank allows opening an account even if your outside the Philippines? Yes.

But how?

Usually, opening a Metrobank account requires a personal visit at the preferred branch. If you're outside the Philippines, you can open an account in behalf of your beneficiary. Whoever your beneficiary is (your sister, brother, mother or father) can open an account here in the Philippines. But the name of the account will be under your beneficiary's name and not yours.

You can read the procedures of applying for Metrobank account here in the Philippines:
The type of account that you should open is the OFW Account. Initial deposit is 50 pesos only. It comes with an ATM card.

Are you an OFW and having trouble or problems in opening an account in the Philippines?
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