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How to Retrieve or Recover MetrobankDirect Online Banking Password or Customer ID?

Sometimes due to your busy lifestyle, you may tend to forgot or lost your MetrobankDirect online banking password or customer id. You might be worried because your money is at stake. If you lost or forgot your password or customer id you should report it immediately to Metrobank's Customer Service Department. Contact details are listed below:
Metrobank lost or forgotten password

If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can report it to Metrobank's Customer Care email address:
If you have a landline/telephone or mobile phone, you can call Metrobank 24x7 Customer Hotline:
  • (632) 8700-700
  • 1-800-1888-5775
  • (632) 898-8701
  • (632) 898-8702
Do you have any problem with retrieving your customer id or password?

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Total comments : 46
byron   (06 April 2018 7:21 PM)

byron   (06 April 2018 7:20 PM)
cant retrive my user id..any one?

Crysteen Joy Peralta   (15 February 2018 7:36 PM)
How to retrieve my username but I remember the password only the username I forgot. Thank you for your response

anne   (09 February 2018 12:36 PM)
i forgot my password and I do not have access to the mobile number i used. can you help me please?

MARJUNE PALOMO   (13 December 2017 4:09 PM)
how to retrieve my metrobank direct online banking customer ID?

Sharon combo   (04 December 2017 11:20 AM)
Nang hihingi ako ng new password dahil na enter ko ang wrong password pero inabot na ako ng 1 month until now wala pa din po bakit npaka tagal na mn ng reply

Dharlyn macagaling   (01 December 2017 8:00 PM)
Nakalimutan ko po ang username and password ko po sa online banking ano po ang dapat Kong gawin?

Kienzel Vallecer   (17 November 2017 2:02 PM)
I forgot my user ID and password. Please help, thank you!

Angela O. Galas   (10 November 2017 7:52 PM)
Panu ko po ba maretrieved ang password ko sa online direct banking kasi nakalimutan ko po .
Maraming salamat po.

salvador gonzaga infante   (10 November 2017 2:44 PM)
i was also blocked

salvador gonzaga infante   (10 November 2017 2:37 PM)
cant retrieve my account.i already forgot my user id and password help

Evelyn gomez espiritu   (09 October 2017 1:43 PM)
I forgot my user id and password. Help please

maricris barbero   (30 September 2017 11:37 PM)
i forgot my customer's id and password. please help! Thank you

maricris barbero   (30 September 2017 11:35 PM)
i forgot my customer id and password.

Robert E panek   (15 July 2017 0:59 AM)
I forgot my online username and password how can I get to rest and get a new password thank u

maryflor d. villagomeza   (28 April 2017 5:42 PM)
that "Metro bank direct User Activation" email you send to my email address is not working! when i tried to access the link and put the password that was given in that email, it gives me an error that says "PASSWORD DOES NOT MATCH" ! too much of my time were already taken just to access that link! PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! its very inconvenient

ariel panilagan arandia   (13 April 2017 8:58 PM)
i forgot my account and password please help me

Irenedenieva   (05 February 2017 10:10 PM)
How can i retrieve my temporary pasword.

Rosario Macapagal   (01 February 2017 8:59 AM)
How can i unlock my metrobank online....until now i can't open...here is my account #380-3-38011136-6...please help me to unlock that so that i can use my online account...

Vincent Benedict C. Salvador   (09 December 2016 3:51 PM)
I forgot my customer User ID and password

How to retrieve my Metrobank Online banking or User ID & password ? Thank you.

Pons   (03 December 2016 2:20 PM)
I forgot my customer User ID and password

How to retrieve my Metrobank Online banking or User ID & password ? Thank you.

Elmer Montebon   (06 November 2016 10:05 PM)
Hi please help me to open or retrieve my Metrobank Online banking i cant access it, i tried many times to retrieve but i cant please how to do it, thank you.

Joann Marie Amelano   (28 October 2016 8:34 AM)

I cannot open my metrobank direct, it was blocked, how to open it again?

Sharmaine Joy Edurise Farinas   (02 September 2016 6:59 PM)
how can i retrieve my user name and password?any help please. thanks!

Mark Deston   (24 August 2016 5:22 PM)
I want to unlock my metrobank direct account

Jonalie Dumadaug   (18 August 2016 2:34 PM)
How to retrieve temporary password in online banking? I want to retrieve my temporary password in online banking. Thank you.

Lorna   (23 July 2016 8:54 PM)
I forgot my customer id and password

Gerry   (15 July 2016 3:04 PM)
My account is locked.
I already email the customer care but no reply.
I follow up 3 times but no response.

jennymie   (13 July 2016 8:29 AM)
i cant retrieve my metrobank direct account

Emmylou Diaz   (01 July 2016 8:17 AM)
i cant retrieve my metrobank direct account

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