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How to Unblock Your Blocked PNB ATM Card?

Did you forgot the ATM PIN? Or did you enter incorrect PIN up to three times or up to the maximum tries that the ATM (machine) allows you to enter? I guess you've done either of one of the two. It might really a hassle for your especially if you badly needed to withdraw money in the ATM and your PNB ATM card has been blocked after trying to enter PIN many times. Note: PNB (stands for Philippine National Bank). Do you want to unblock your PNB ATM card? You can choose any of the three options:

Unblock PNB ATM Card

Option 1

If you want to avoid the hassle of going to the bank, you can call PNB customer service or hotline number: (02) 573-8888. Ask a customer service representative to unblock your ATM card.

Option 2

If you live near a PNB branch or if you're convenient to go to a PNB branch, go to the bank. Inside the bank, go to the New Accounts or Customer Service section and ask any bank officer that you want to unblock your atm card.

Option 3

You may wait after 24 hours (1 day) and your ATM card will be automatically unblocked.

Why do PNB limit ATM PIN access up to three (3) incorrect tries?

You might wonder why do banks limit the number of ATM PIN access. Most of the banks including PNB allow up to three (3) times only. After entering three incorrect PIN, your ATM card will be blocked from accessing the ATM (machine). Why? Because it's a security feature which avoids illegal acts such as unauthorized use of your ATM card.
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12 Ramesh Kumawat   (17 February 2017 11:49 AM)
Please help me my ATM card is stopped please r start my debit card

11 Sachin   (20 January 2017 8:12 PM)
My ATM card is hotlisted by my brother so kindly tell me how can I able to use it again

10 RAKHI RANA   (17 January 2017 3:01 PM)
How to unblocked ATM card. Help me

9 RAKHI RANA   (17 January 2017 3:00 PM)
Mera ATM blocked ho gaya h. Can you help me to unblocked this.

8 vivek kumar   (03 January 2017 2:20 PM)
Sir mera mobile 9027967470
Aur a/c 2324000400180549 h mera atm card block ho gaya h.
Please help me

7 ankur ray   (17 December 2016 1:48 PM)
How to unblock my pnb atm card... I have called many tes customers and gone many times in bank but bank manager says your atm card take more time... My account number 1097000170005093.. Please help me. I have given application in home branch but atm dost get...please help me

6 azma waseem   (03 December 2016 12:41 PM)
My atm card is blocked. How to unblock my atm card. Help me

5 amit   (05 November 2016 11:47 PM)
My new atm card is blocked. How to unblock my atm card. Help me

4 Brashiket rna   (19 October 2016 7:57 PM)
my pnb atm has been blocked by mistake.please help me out .i want to withdraw money from my atm urgently.please show me the way how tounblock my atm card without going to the bank .becoz i am occupationary person

3 Jatin   (17 October 2016 7:55 AM)
Unblock my atm card

2 Swarnika   (29 September 2016 5:14 AM)
My PNB atm has been blocked by mistake. I called 18001802222 for the balance enquiry but by mistake i chose the option of blocking your ATM card. Please help me out. I want to withdraw money from ATM urgently. Please help me out and show me the way to how to unblock my debit card without going to the bank.

1 vijay   (08 December 2015 2:43 PM)
My pnb ATM is blocked