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Maintaining Balance of LandBank ATM Card

The required minimum maintaining balance of LandBank ATM Card is Php 500 per month. If you fall below this maintaining balance, you will be charged Php 200 as service fee. So to avoid the service fee, you must maintain the Php 500 in your ATM account. Php 200 is big. With that money, you can buy two (2) Jollibee spaghetti with Yum.
Picture of a LandBank ATM Card

The new LandBank ATM Card
New LandBank ATM Card
The old LandBank ATM Card
LandBank ATM Card
LandBank ATM Card
How is Maintaining Balance Computed in LandBank?
Minimum maintaining balance of Landbank is the average daily balance (ADB) per month. You can compute the average daily balance in one (1) month through:
  1. Add the daily balance in 1 month.
    • Day 1 balance + Day 2 balance + Day 3 balance...until Day 30 or 31 balance
  2. Divide its total balance by 30 or 31 (total number of days in a month).
    • Total Balance in 1 Month ÷ 30 or 31 days  = Average Daily Balance (ADB) in a month
Let's give an example. Let's assumed, you open an ATM account on day 1 in which you deposit Php 500. And on day 2, you deposit again Php 500. So, you have Php 1,000 balance on day 2. Then, on day 3, you withdraw Php 400 and your balance is now Php 600 on day 3. The deposit and withdrawal transactions continue on the succeeding days. See table below.
Day Daily Balance in Pesos (Php)
1 500
2 1000
3 600
4 2000
5 1000
6 1000
7 1000
8 2000
9 2000
10 2000
11 2500
12 1000
13 1000
14 500
15 0 (zero)
16 2000
17 2000
18 2000
19 2000
20 2000
21 3000
22 400
23 400
24 400
25 4000
26 4000
27 4000
28 2000
29 2000
30 2000
30 days
50,300 = Total Balance in a Month
   50,300 = total daily balance in a month
÷       30 = total days in a month
1,676.67 = average daily balance (ADB) in a month
In this case, you cannot pay for a service fee since your ADB is Php 1,676.67 which is above the required maintaining balance.
Take note on day 15, you've withdrawed all your money and the remaining balance went to zero (0). Even if you withdrawed all the money in your ATM account in a given day, you cannot be charged a service fee if the computed ADB in a month is above the required minimum maintaining balance.
Initial deposit to this ATM is also Php 500. This ATM card can earn an interest rate of 0.250% per year. You should maintain the Php 500 in your ATM account in order to earn that interest. You are only allowed to withdraw a maximum amount of Php 50,000 per day.
Deposit to this ATM can be done through over-the-counter. While withdrawals can be done both over-the-counter or through Automated Teller Machines (ATM) with BancNet, Megalink or ExpressNet logos.

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Ann   (03 October 2017 3:11 PM)
Gud day ask ko lang po halimbawa po na withdraw yong maintaining balance automatic ba sa araw na nawithdraw ang 500 maintaining balance ay closed narin sa araw din na yon?

Trina Cayabyab   (17 January 2017 10:03 AM)
Hi po nag open po kase ako ng sarili kong account sa landbank (tarlac) ATM. sa dinami dami ko pong inaasikaso nakakalimutan ko na po na hulugan. Eh sabi po nila daoat may remaining balance ka pa dun sa atm nawithdraw ko na po yun. Noon pa po 2014 yun. Tanong ko po kung may penalty po ba yun? At kung pwde po ipaclose nalang yung account ko? Thanks po

Norvie Delos Santos   (24 September 2016 7:38 AM)
Good day maam may land bank atm card ako na iaapply ko po un nag punta ako ng SG at ngaun may nagremit sakin, Makukuha ko po ba yun.

Cesar velasco   (27 August 2016 2:00 AM)
Balance inquiry maam,hindi ko na kasi nahulugan mag 2years na poh,

Cesar velasco   (27 August 2016 1:59 AM)
Balance inquiry

Ferlyn Flores Villieran   (09 August 2016 8:00 PM)
My savings account na ako sa landbank kaso matagal na pong hindi na hulugan magagamit ko pa ba yong account na yon o hindi na po o mag apply na po ako ng panibagong account dito sa dubai

Roemer A. Constantino   (26 July 2016 10:06 AM)
Nice bank love it

Leonides D. Villasica Jr   (21 June 2016 2:05 AM)
Hi i am interested to open atm account.

wayn brix c malabas   (29 May 2016 6:26 AM)
Balance inquiry

lamina analiza   (18 March 2016 7:57 PM)
why is that my atm card is invalid when i check my balance or withdraw?

maribon   (31 January 2016 4:19 PM)
I did not put money in.my atm savings account in 8 months..I lost my number but now I find it.is still activated my atm

Teodoro Panganiban   (13 November 2015 7:33 AM)

Florence Antonio Pascua   (24 September 2014 10:31 PM)
But how if 6months ago i didnt deposit on my atm acct. But still have 1000 ? What will happen?