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Metrobank ATM Balance Inquiry Online

Nowadays with the advent of computer and internet technology, a convenient way of ATM balance inquiry is through online banking. If you're a Metrobank accountholder, you must utilize and enjoy the power of Metrobank's online banking facility.

Metrobank ATM Balance Inquiry
Through Metrobank's online banking, you can do an ATM balance inquiry for free. Here's the procedure on how to inquire your account balance in Metrobank online: "How to Inquire Account Balance in Metrobank Online".
As you can see the photo below, it's the webpage that you're going see when you logged-in to Metrobank's online banking facility. Take note of the features and options you can use in Metrobank's online banking (View Statement, Pay Bills, Transfer Funds, etc.).
Metrobank ATM Balance Inquiry Online
And likewise, you will be able to see you ATM account balance or the available balance of any other types of your account (Passbook, Checking, Credit Card, etc.).
See how easy it is to inquire your balance online!
Do you have any concern with Metrobank's ATM balance inquiry online?
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Total comments: 124
124 joy   (19 January 2018 1:56 AM)
paano ko malaman kong magkano na lahat ang pera ko deniposet ko

123 Rodrigo Guevarras catian   (15 December 2017 9:15 PM)
Good evening metro bank cebu Philippines
I my balance saving account.
Bank account number 565-3-735-38067-3

122 cristaljoy   (01 October 2017 1:09 PM)
i enrolled already, but i didnt recieve any pasword so how can i log in?

121 Annaliza S. Teposo   (22 September 2017 1:20 PM)
Paano mag-inquire ng balance through online? Thank you

120 jessa dioayan   (18 July 2017 11:32 PM)
Hi, i just want to check my metrobank atm online but cannot scan my user ID,.

119 Roxanne Norcio   (02 June 2017 1:21 PM)
I can't open my online banking. Nag-enrol po ako yesterday pero wala po akong nareceive any confirmation/verification code or temporary password. How can I open my account or mag inquire ng balance? I need the password para makapaglog in. Thank you!

118 Phamela Yacapin Macale   (13 May 2017 2:23 PM)
Good day. I am a metrobank depositor atm savings account. I'm not yet enrolling online banking.i opened my account thru over the counter transaction here n Dubai. How can I know my account balance. Thank you

117 Josephine   (06 May 2017 1:37 AM)
Hi just want to know is my ATM card is still working thanks

116 Merianne Gabiana   (14 February 2017 4:44 AM)
I would like to know my account balance.

115 mary ann penafiel   (13 February 2017 4:48 PM)
maam nakalimutan ko po ung passworrd ng atm ko metrobank panu po b marecover un

114 Irenedenieva   (05 February 2017 8:25 PM)
How to check my account balance

113 Irenedenieva   (05 February 2017 8:24 PM)
Gusto ko po malaman account balance ko. Panu po ba

112 joan f. garais   (10 January 2017 5:51 PM)
Panu poh bah mg balance inquire sah metro bank dito poh q sah dubai

111 Dionri Tartana   (04 January 2017 8:18 PM)
Good pm sir i need to know how i check my balance in online in the metrobank.

110 Ma.Glenny D.Singson   (03 January 2017 2:25 AM)
Pano ko po malamn mag balance inquiry sa metro bank dito po ako saudi burayda algasem ,kasi naghulog po yong amo nong dec.29 hanggang ngayon hindi pa pumasok sa atm ko po??

109 Myraflor Delicano   (23 December 2016 11:01 AM)
How can I check my balance in my pay card??

108 Myraflor Delicano   (23 December 2016 11:00 AM)
how can I check my balance in my paycard??

107 Arjay u. Del Rosario   (16 December 2016 12:03 PM)
Paano pala mag balance inquiry sa atm online ng metro bank , banknet saudi to philippines

106 Eugene Hisola   (01 December 2016 9:17 PM)
I want to do and inquiry of my balance

105 Anonymous   (01 December 2016 8:04 AM)
I want to check my balance online your website is still not working here in S Korea

104 Jashlyn Marco   (15 November 2016 2:18 PM)
How to check balance inquiry?

103 marilyn m. luna   (04 November 2016 8:45 PM)
i want to check my Atm balance but i don't how,,?

thank you..!

102 aljon flores donato   (28 October 2016 9:03 AM)
i want to check my account

101 aljon flores donato   (28 October 2016 9:02 AM)
i want to check y account

100 Jhoy Abante   (19 October 2016 12:21 PM)
Good service

99 RUTHCHELLE R. KUWABARA   (18 October 2016 1:18 PM)
want to check my atm balance

98 jennifer parangan cachero   (12 October 2016 9:28 PM)
thank you

97 gani jacob   (12 October 2016 10:26 AM)
I received the MSOA registration through e-mail and the pin number through text message but until now the credit has not reached me.. may I know the reason why it is not being sent until now

96 Lea K. Sibayan   (10 October 2016 6:34 PM)
I want to know the balance of my atm account but which bank here in bahrain please i want to know

95 eyahnna10   (17 September 2016 12:52 PM)
panu po magregister po sa online balance inquiry

94 Rosevelinda canillo   (04 September 2016 2:20 AM)
I want to check my balance of my atm..
But I don't know yet I am here at dubai

93 Lihan   (01 September 2016 3:55 PM)
Thank you

92 warito arce   (10 August 2016 8:58 AM)
how to activate my card

91 MA. SAMINA CAMANCI   (06 August 2016 7:44 AM)
How to inquire if there is a floating check?

90 MA. SAMINA CAMANCI   (06 August 2016 7:42 AM)
How many days clearing if the check deposited to my account is not Metro bank check?

89 MA. SAMINA CAMANCI   (06 August 2016 7:29 AM)
how many days clearing if the check deposited to my account is BPI check?

88 MISHELL TOMADA   (02 August 2016 9:16 AM)
How can i check my account balance through internet ..thank you

87 fely ramonal   (23 July 2016 8:09 AM)
How to get a 9 digit bank code to have money send from other bank?

86 erne c. anora   (02 July 2016 9:46 AM)
pls send me my balance so that i know that my saving is coming into my account

85 erne c. anora   (02 July 2016 9:42 AM)
i am working in kuwait i want to check my balance in metrobank please help me to inquire via online

84 solidudz   (16 June 2016 8:55 AM)
I went to my bank in the Philippines before I came here in Japan and ask them to open my account into International transactions. Now that Im here, I couldnt use it. How can I check my balance and do transaction here?

83 Edraline Dumaran   (12 June 2016 11:51 AM)
How can I check my ATM account balance

82 Flora a   (29 May 2016 2:28 PM)
My question is when i tried enrolling my credit card online for online banking it gives me error all questions had been asnwered but still there is an error.what if for example when i registeredbefore to open a new account with metro bank i wrote down email add and phone nu ber that i was using before, for example the registered cell number on the account when was no longer in use or email address was no longer in use, so in short i have a new number and i have a new email add.would that be the reason why i cnt create an online account with metrobank app..thank you

81 Joepo tubiano   (29 May 2016 7:47 AM)
How can i enroll my metrobank debit mastercard online thank you!

80 Macky Clarin   (26 May 2016 9:38 AM)
How can I enroll my Metrobank Debit MasterCard online? Please help

79 reyzen tubac   (16 May 2016 3:54 PM)
atm balance inquiry

78 leo888   (16 May 2016 7:03 AM)
how can i check my account balance? please help.. .

77 ALFIE BALAGASAY   (14 April 2016 1:25 PM)
please email my password and username. this is my card # 5286 6707 6572 0309

76 Ghanz   (27 March 2016 7:10 PM)
How can i check my atm account balance. please help me.

75 jocelyn Pagsanjan   (24 March 2016 7:18 PM)
How I know activate my atm account?
Can you help me? I'm here now in Abudhabi.UAE.

74 rashjaji   (24 March 2016 6:52 PM)
I already registered in e-banking services but still I cannot log in. Please activate my account with the card number 5286 6755 8001 0315..Thank you! Please I need your response immediately.

73 Cherryl Jane Abundo   (14 March 2016 2:35 PM)
Send me my balance please

72 Cherryl Jane Abundo   (14 March 2016 2:34 PM)
I want to know my balance

71 nimpha D. Hollero   (09 March 2016 8:51 AM)
please send me a statement of account

70 nimpha D. Hollero   (09 March 2016 8:47 AM)
i want to check my balance account

69 Marijoy Ferrer   (05 March 2016 0:29 AM)
Good evening..please can i see the balance of my atm.im here at saudi i already drop my money through tahweel bank..it almost 2 days and not yet recieve in the philippines...thank you

68 Stella candare   (04 March 2016 1:23 PM)
Hi I'm from kuwait

67 Lhiza Yamson Luba   (13 February 2016 7:55 PM)
How to avail online balance inquiry of my account?

66 karen joyce f. concepcion   (28 January 2016 10:16 AM)
can i check if i have a balance in my card?

65 Ponpon Vanessa Vallente   (13 January 2016 10:12 PM)
Hi i want to check my balance in my ATM account here in abroad thank You

64 MA. MERCY VILLANUEVA ARANAS   (12 January 2016 9:40 AM)
Good morning. I want to know my ATM balance

63 Lorraine tiago   (06 January 2016 12:12 PM)
I want to check my BALANCE

62 Rea Dulora O.Tampoya   (04 January 2016 10:04 PM)
I want to know my debit account balance..how?

61 criselda adelantad   (19 December 2015 4:31 AM)
check my balance

60 loida1978   (18 December 2015 8:57 AM)
i want to know my atm available balance

59 Rommel p. barroquillo   (11 December 2015 10:09 AM)
I just want to know my ATM balance

58 Arnold Lamagan   (05 December 2015 11:13 AM)

57 charlie a. abarquez   (04 December 2015 2:50 PM)
I want to check my atm available balance

56 Monica cabuga   (09 November 2015 11:34 AM)
I want to check my atm balance for my savings pls how because im here in kuwait....

55 jerrilyn samalca   (30 October 2015 8:58 PM)
i want to know my account balance please

54 Ritchie rupet reyno   (24 October 2015 7:51 PM)
balance inquiry metrobank debit card

53 john paul bautista   (10 October 2015 2:35 AM)
good evening

52 Gaellard abuel   (17 September 2015 3:21 PM)
i need to know if there any problem cos i send send money last sept. 14 and when they check it still no balance till now sept 17 2015 pls. return me email...

51 vanessa g. villar   (14 September 2015 7:13 AM)
just to check my atm balance account

50 Marites D. Celiz   (11 September 2015 2:06 PM)
ATM balance inquiry

49 myla liza sermese   (07 September 2015 12:21 PM)
I want to check my balance in my mastercard

48 feb lassels Ayuda   (01 September 2015 5:57 PM)
just to check my atm account

47 shielane sicorsicir   (26 August 2015 3:05 PM)
I want to know my atm balance online.

46 Beth Reyes   (25 August 2015 12:56 PM)
I want to know my account balance.
Thank you

45 Juvy Luzon   (18 August 2015 5:49 PM)
Why I can't register my ATM card?

44 Ferdesando Gandol Mendevil   (06 August 2015 0:36 AM)
May I know if my card is still activated or not? 5286 xxxx xxxx 0386. Thank You!

43 ALVIN LOZADA   (30 July 2015 4:12 PM)
my pin is not working ...what am i suppose to do with this? its emergency

42 Alfred Sab a Redoble   (22 July 2015 12:27 PM)
I just want to know if my account was close

41 Alfred Sab a Redoble   (22 July 2015 12:19 PM)
I want to my balance

40 emman   (07 July 2015 6:02 PM)
how to register atm pay card online for balance inquiry?

39 Michael dangue faminia   (04 July 2015 7:48 AM)
May i know may balance

38 Michael dangue faminia   (03 July 2015 6:53 AM)
I want to know my balance

37 Grace Tagnawa   (26 June 2015 10:38 AM)
I want to know my atm balance on line

36 analyn pulanco flores   (26 May 2015 10:39 AM)
Atm balance

35 Jacqueline macaspac   (12 May 2015 5:37 PM)
Atm balance

34 rodelyn cundangan   (05 May 2015 5:34 PM)
Hi good day maam..im just asking my balance on my atm..here's my account number 565-3-735-35665-9
Thank you

33 elsa B.legaria   (25 April 2015 6:41 AM)
mam sir..i just want to know that my account haa already close or still activated?
my account number..565-3-5652189-1 thank you

32 Ricardo S. Pedrozo   (22 April 2015 8:00 PM)
dear Sir/Ma'am.

i just want to know my ATM balance this is my ATM ACCOUNT # 565-3-734-64114-7

31 sergio bulanadi jr   (20 April 2015 6:29 AM)
balance inquiry of my ATM talavera branch acct #5833583026399

30 arlyn mendiola flores   (13 April 2015 4:00 PM)
Balance enquiry please

29 mikong   (01 February 2015 3:49 PM)
balance inquiry of my ATM @ METRO BANK BONI BRANCH my acct number 086-3086-38892-9

28 maymay16   (03 January 2015 9:53 PM)
balance inquire of my atm

27 ian_Keith   (15 December 2014 11:18 PM)
balance inquiry pleased

26 Janice P Peñero   (09 December 2014 5:23 PM)
balance inquiry

25 Zhianyl Cawaling Campoy   (18 August 2014 5:45 AM)
Im here in abu dhabi can you help me please how to inquire my account thanks

24 Zhianyl Cawaling Campoy   (18 August 2014 5:35 AM)
Please help me if how can i inquire my account thanks

23 joselito c. belarmino   (13 June 2014 10:23 AM)
balance inquiry

22 efraim altobar   (02 May 2014 10:54 AM)

21 vincent G. Montero   (27 April 2014 3:42 PM)
im keep on waiting the link to be submitted to my e-mail. just to know my my balance. thanks

20 beatrix c. layam   (25 March 2014 5:03 PM)
balance inquiry

19 aibatucan   (24 March 2014 11:46 PM)
Balance inquiry

18 analie labajo   (21 March 2014 1:11 PM)
balance inquiry

17 martin c. libao   (20 March 2014 4:04 PM)
kindly please update my account balance.

15 Rowena A. Gadia   (10 February 2014 4:42 PM)
What is the easiest way to know our ATM balance inquiry only?... can we get the link thank you!!!

16 admin   (11 February 2014 3:27 PM)
Rowena A. Gadia, aside from accessing from ATM (machine), the method presented in the above article is the easiest way.

14 Ada   (08 February 2014 6:45 PM)
I sign up my online inquiry then its says 2 to 3 days the bank will send a confirmation but so far am still waiting for their responds

13 DARWIN GARCIA VERZO   (14 January 2014 10:27 PM)
kindly send my bank statement from nov. 2013 up to present

12 Ruby T. Abano   (10 January 2014 9:59 PM)
i want to know my account balance

11 Ruby T. Abano   (10 January 2014 9:58 PM)
i want to check my account balance

10 Ronald.E. Espinosa   (04 January 2014 10:14 PM)
kindly send my balance from my account.

9 Ronnel G. Panuelos   (04 January 2014 1:31 PM)
i want to know my balance account in metrobank

8 Rodolfo A. Obosin   (29 November 2013 1:13 PM)
Balance inquiry ATM account

7 modesta t. preza   (14 September 2013 8:50 AM)
i want to know my bank statement

6 severa balong-angey   (06 August 2013 3:13 AM)
how can I check my balance inquiry in ebanking

5 Sergie Ambe Mercolita   (29 July 2013 7:16 AM)
i want to know my balance account metro bank

4 Marisol S Villena   (16 July 2013 7:09 PM)
Balance inquiry

3 maria jessa s. bernas   (15 July 2013 2:33 PM)
i want to know my balance inquiry.

2 SHANECHIM   (07 May 2013 3:24 PM)

1 lorena castaritas   (29 March 2013 4:30 AM)
balance inquiry