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List of Interest Rates of Large Pawnshops in the Philippines

In times that you need money for urgent purposes, some of you might prefer to loan money in a pawnshop and mortgage your jewelries, appliances, cellphones, laptops or gadgets. So you begin on a journey to find the best or large pawnshop that offers very high interest rate in order to get the highest value of your item. To help you with that journey, here's a list of top pawnshops in the Philippines and their interest rates.

Top Pawnshops in the Philippines And Their Interest Rates

Name of PawnshopLoan Interest RatePrice of Pawned Item
MLhuillier Pawnshop3% (no advance interest rate)Low
Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop4% (advance interest rate)High
Palawan PawnshopBracket:

1% = 1-11 days
2% = 12-22 days
3% = 23-33 days
Henry Lhuillier PawnshopBracket:

1% = 1-3 days
2% = 4-5 days
3% = 6-7 days
Tambunting Pawnshopto be updated soon...
Prime Asia Pawnshopto be updated soon...

Do you know other pawnshops in the Philippines? You can tell us in the comment below. If you know their interest rates, please post them also. Let's help each other build this list and make yourself, your family and your friends informed.
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hanako ozaki   (17 August 2015 10:25 AM)
the tambunting pawnshop is the highest of them all. a total of 40% in a month.