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Basic Bisaya/Cebuano Salutation and Common Phrases or Words Used in Cebu

As a foreigner in a country, always put in mind that learning a foreign language such as the Cebuano language is fun. Make it a habit that learning something new (skill, knowledge, idea) is fun. It makes learning easier. And using the Cebuano language in actual conversations really helps a lot. In building your Cebuano vocabulary, here are some of the words, phrases and salutation/greetings that are commonly used in conversations and very useful to your everyday communication with Cebuanos or other Bisaya locals/citizens.

English to Bisaya/Cebuano Translation of Common Salutations/Greetings, Phrases in Cebu, Philippines

Don't be confused with the two words; Cebuano and Bisaya. Bisaya is more generic. It comprises languages such as Hiligaynon, Waray, Surigaonon, Cebuano, Kiniray-a, Boholano and other languages in Visayas and Mindanao.

Salutation/Response English to Cebuano/Bisaya Translation

Learning is fun.
=Ang pagkat-on ay kalipay.
Good Morning!
Maayong Buntag!
Good Afternoon!
=Maayong Hapon!
Good Evening!
=Maayong Gabi-i!
How are you?
=Kumusta ka?
I'm doing great!
=Maayo man!
Thank you very much
=Daghang salamat
Thank you!
You're welcome
=Walay sapayan
It's alright
=Maayo ang tanan
I'm ready
=Andam na 'ko
Let's go!
="Lakaw na 'ta" or "Tara"
I'm sorry
=Pasaylo-a 'ko.
Come here
="Dali ra" or "Ali"
Help me.
=Tabangi ko.
=Ari na 'ko/Adiyos.
I don't feel well.
=Naglain akong lawas
I don't know.
=Wala ko kahibalo.
What's your name?
=Unsay imong ngalan?
My name is______
=______ang akong ngalan
Where do you live?
=Asa ka gapuyo?
What is this?
=Unsa 'ni?
What are you doing?
=Unsay gibuhat nimo?
I come from________.
=Gikan 'ko sa_______
I'm going to________.
=Muadto 'ko sa_______.
I arrive in_______.
=Nakaabot 'ko sa______.

When Eating Out

I am hungry.
=Gigutom na 'ko.
I am thirsty.
=Gi-uhaw ko.
I am full.
=Busog ko.
That was a good meal.
=Kalami sa pagkaon

When Moving Around

Which bus is going to____?
=Unsang bus ang moadto sa _____?
Where is the bus stop?
=Asa man ang hulatan ug bus?
Where do I get a taxi?
=Asa 'ko musakay ug taxi?
Where does this bus go?
=Asa man muadto kining bus?
Where do I get off?
=Asa 'ko manaog?
How much is the fare?
=Tagpila ang plete?
How far is_____?
=Unsa kalayo  _______?
Where is______?
Where are you going?
=Asa ka paingon?

When shopping

Is there no discount?
=Wala ni discount?
Do you have_____?
=Naa bay_____?
What is this?
=Unsa ni?
How much is this?
=Tagpila ni?
I'd like to pay.
=Mobayad na 'ko.
Here I come
=Nia na 'ko.

Other Useful Phrases

You should be happy.
=Malipay gyud ka.
Are you happy?
=Malipayon ba ka?
Are you sad?
=Nagu-ol ba ka?
Are you afraid?
=Nahadlok ba ka?
Don't be afraid?
=Ayaw kahadlok
I love you.
=Nahigugma ko nimo.
Do you love me?
=Nahigugma ba ka nako?
Why are you so lonely?
=Nganong magul-anon man ka?
Don't feel sad or bad.
=Ayaw kagu-ol
I'm here.
=Ni-a 'ko.
=Sayon (sa-yon)
=Pinulongan (pi-nu-lo-ngan)
It's easy to learn a new language.
=Sayon ang pagkat-on ug bag-ong pinulongan

If you want to learn and know more about Bisaya or Cebuano language or want to translate any phrases or words from English to Bisaya/Cebuano, just drop it in the comment below.

We'll try our best to translate them to Cebuano. Make this website as a resource tutorial for learning Cebuano/Bisaya language.

You can learn more about Cebuano/Bisaya language here. Click here!
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23 Holly   (11 June 2017 3:47 AM)
We are adopting a 9 year old who speaks Bisaya (Cebuano). Could you please advise on how to change some if the "I" phrases to questions? Such as "are you hungry" "are you thirsty" "what do you need" etc?

24 admin   (27 August 2017 11:05 AM)
  • "Are you hungry" = "Gi-gutom na ka?" or "Gi-gutom ka?"
  • "Are you thirsty" = "Gi-uhaw ka?"

22 Saint Meister   (30 May 2017 8:51 PM)
Can you please translate: "I wish you well."

Thank you very much.

25 admin   (27 August 2017 11:07 AM)
Saint Meister
  • "I wish you well" = "Pag ayo-ayo" or "Ma-ayong paglakaw".

21 johnperez   (20 April 2017 3:55 PM)
You're the one until now

26 admin   (27 August 2017 11:08 AM)
  • "You're the one until now" = "Ikaw ra jud hangtod karon".

20 mesepa   (30 May 2016 1:33 PM)
Welcome home

27 admin   (27 August 2017 11:09 AM)
  • "Welcome home" = "Maayong pag-abot" or "Maayong pag-uli".

19 Jay   (26 February 2016 11:59 PM)
Iam to going to cebu next month so Please help me to translate this:"Im so excited to meet you Cebu!"

28 admin   (27 August 2017 11:10 AM)
  • "Im so excited to meet you Cebu!" = "Excited ka-ayo ko makita ka Cebu!"

18 melopogi09   (03 January 2016 9:00 AM)
thank you

17 emmeline suelto   (09 April 2015 3:48 PM)
the memory of spending quality time together

16 Joseph Todd   (09 April 2014 10:27 AM)
I love you with all my heart

No one else could love you more.

I'll see you in my dreams.

14 mark kresge   (20 May 2013 10:10 AM)
I miss you my friend.

15 admin   (07 January 2014 1:51 PM)
"I miss you my friend" is translated in bisaya/cebuano as "Gimingaw nako nimo miga (female) o migo (male)?"

13 vmpireaze   (01 April 2013 11:32 AM)
good cebuano

12 Katrina   (14 March 2013 1:37 PM)
Paano itranslate to sa tagalog:
Bahalag mais basta ang ngisi tam-is, kaysa humay unya sigeg away.
Bahalag magkaon og dukot basta di lang gubot.
Bahalag magsud-an og ginamos basta ang gugma tim-os .
Mag unsa man nang adobo kung pirmeng galagubo
Bahalag magkaon og kamunggay basta nagka hinigugmaay, ang mutoo pasmo

10 Bob Hoffman   (01 March 2013 0:22 AM)
Did you sleep well?

11 admin   (01 March 2013 7:16 AM)
Bob Hoffman, the bisaya translation of "Did you sleep well?" is "Nakatulog ba ka ug sakto?" or "Ok ra ba imong katulog?"

9 cebuanoteacher   (25 February 2013 7:18 PM)
This is very helpful. There are also good resources at www.cebuanoteacher.com that Cebuano language learners can use. Please drop by.

7 megan   (17 March 2012 5:22 AM)
Good Day. I am interested in finding translation for the following phrases..

We pray for you everyday.





Our family has sponosred a young child in the philippines. We are writing him a letter and would like to communicate with him on a more personal level. Thanky ou for your help. Im grateful for the assistance.

8 admin   (17 March 2012 8:40 AM)
megan, here's a Bisaya/Cebuano translation of your phrases:

We pray for you everyday
(Nag-ampo me para nimo kada adlaw.)





5 bogz20   (08 March 2012 5:05 PM)
Ano po sa Cebuano ang "Welcome to Cebu"?


6 admin   (08 March 2012 5:17 PM)
"Welcome to Cebu" is "Maayong Pag-abot sa Cebu"

4 Dave Wright   (19 January 2012 9:50 PM)
can you please translate the following into english please? Dona gai K no Pikot ? thanks

3 Allan Dominguez   (30 November 2011 9:39 PM)
very helpful

2 Althea Aranar   (18 October 2011 1:19 AM)
thanks very much for making this. Pls make another, it would help me a lot. :)

1 Enrique Gocotano   (28 May 2011 11:05 AM)
this is very good for me and please jot down another translation phrases for me