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Basic Bisaya/Cebuano Salutation and Common Phrases or Words Used in Cebu
As a foreigner in a country, always put in mind that learning a foreign language such as the Cebuano language is fun. Make it a habit that learning something new (skill, knowledge, idea) is fun. It makes learning easier. And using the Cebuano language in actual conversations really helps a lot. In building your Cebuano vocabulary, here are some of the words, phrases and salutation/greetings that are commonly used in conversations and very useful to your everyday communication with Cebuanos or other Bisaya locals/citizens.

English to Bisaya/Cebuano Translation of Common Salutations/Greetings, Phrases in Cebu, Philippines

Don't be confused with the two words; Cebuano and Bisaya. Bisaya is more generic. It comprises languages such as Hiligaynon, Waray, Surigaonon, Cebuano, Kiniray-a, Boholano and other languages in Visayas and Mindanao.

Salutation/Response English to Cebuano/Bisaya Translation

Learning is fun.
=Ang pagkat-on ay kalipay.
Good Morning!
Maayong Buntag!
Good Afternoon!
=Maayong Hapon!
Good Evening!
=Maayong Gabi-i!
How are you?
=Kumusta ka?
I'm doing great!
=Maayo man!
Thank you very much
=Daghang salamat
Thank you!
You're welcome
=Walay sapayan
It's alright
=Maayo ang tanan
I'm ready
=Andam na 'ko
Let's go!
="Lakaw na 'ta" or "Tara"
I'm sorry
=Pasaylo-a 'ko.
Come here
="Dali ra" or "Ali"
Help me.
=Tabangi ko.
=Ari na 'ko/Adiyos.
I don't feel well.
=Naglain akong lawas
I don't know.
=Wala ko kahibalo.
What's your name?
=Unsay imong ngalan?
My name is______
=______ang akong ngalan
Where do you live?
=Asa ka gapuyo?
What is this?
=Unsa 'ni?
What are you doing?
=Unsay gibuhat nimo?
I come from________.
=Gikan 'ko sa_______
I'm going to________.
=Muadto 'ko sa_______.
I arrive in_______.
=Nakaabot 'ko sa______.

When Eating Out

I am hungry.
=Gigutom na 'ko.
I am thirsty.
=Gi-uhaw ko.
I am full.
=Busog ko.
That was a good meal.
=Kalami sa pagkaon

When Moving Around

Which bus is going to____?
=Unsang bus ang moadto sa _____?
Where is the bus stop?
=Asa man ang hulatan ug bus?
Where do I get a taxi?
=Asa 'ko musakay ug taxi?
Where does this bus go?
=Asa man muadto kining bus?
Where do I get off?
=Asa 'ko manaog?
How much is the fare?
=Tagpila ang plete?
How far is_____?
=Unsa kalayo  _______?
Where is______?
Where are you going?
=Asa ka paingon?

When shopping

Is there no discount?
=Wala ni discount?
Do you have_____?
=Naa bay_____?
What is this?
=Unsa ni?
How much is this?
=Tagpila ni?
I'd like to pay.
=Mobayad na 'ko.
Here I come
=Nia na 'ko.

Other Useful Phrases

You should be happy.
=Malipay gyud ka.
Are you happy?
=Malipayon ba ka?
Are you sad?
=Nagu-ol ba ka?
Are you afraid?
=Nahadlok ba ka?
Don't be afraid?
=Ayaw kahadlok
I love you.
=Nahigugma ko nimo.
Do you love me?
=Nahigugma ba ka nako?
Why are you so lonely?
=Nganong magul-anon man ka?
Don't feel sad or bad.
=Ayaw kagu-ol
I'm here.
=Ni-a 'ko.
=Sayon (sa-yon)
=Pinulongan (pi-nu-lo-ngan)
It's easy to learn a new language.
=Sayon ang pagkat-on ug bag-ong pinulongan

If you want to learn and know more about Bisaya or Cebuano language or want to translate any phrases or words from English to Bisaya/Cebuano, just drop it in the comment below.

We'll try our best to translate them to Cebuano. Make this website as a resource tutorial for learning Cebuano/Bisaya language.

You can learn more about Cebuano/Bisaya language here. Click here!
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20 mesepa   (30-May-2016 1:33 PM)
Welcome home

19 Jay   (26-February-2016 11:59 PM)
Iam to going to cebu next month so Please help me to translate this:"Im so excited to meet you Cebu!"

18 melopogi09   (03-January-2016 9:00 AM)
thank you

17 emmeline suelto   (09-April-2015 3:48 PM)
the memory of spending quality time together

16 Joseph Todd   (09-April-2014 10:27 AM)
I love you with all my heart

No one else could love you more.

I'll see you in my dreams.

14 mark kresge   (20-May-2013 10:10 AM)
I miss you my friend.

15 admin   (07-January-2014 1:51 PM)
"I miss you my friend" is translated in bisaya/cebuano as "Gimingaw nako nimo miga (female) o migo (male)?"

13 vmpireaze   (01-April-2013 11:32 AM)
good cebuano

12 Katrina   (14-March-2013 1:37 PM)
Paano itranslate to sa tagalog:
Bahalag mais basta ang ngisi tam-is, kaysa humay unya sigeg away.
Bahalag magkaon og dukot basta di lang gubot.
Bahalag magsud-an og ginamos basta ang gugma tim-os .
Mag unsa man nang adobo kung pirmeng galagubo
Bahalag magkaon og kamunggay basta nagka hinigugmaay, ang mutoo pasmo

10 Bob Hoffman   (01-March-2013 0:22 AM)
Did you sleep well?

11 admin   (01-March-2013 7:16 AM)
Bob Hoffman, the bisaya translation of "Did you sleep well?" is "Nakatulog ba ka ug sakto?" or "Ok ra ba imong katulog?"

9 cebuanoteacher   (25-February-2013 7:18 PM)
This is very helpful. There are also good resources at www.cebuanoteacher.com that Cebuano language learners can use. Please drop by.

7 megan   (17-March-2012 5:22 AM)
Good Day. I am interested in finding translation for the following phrases..

We pray for you everyday.





Our family has sponosred a young child in the philippines. We are writing him a letter and would like to communicate with him on a more personal level. Thanky ou for your help. Im grateful for the assistance.

8 admin   (17-March-2012 8:40 AM)
megan, here's a Bisaya/Cebuano translation of your phrases:

We pray for you everyday
(Nag-ampo me para nimo kada adlaw.)





5 bogz20   (08-March-2012 5:05 PM)
Ano po sa Cebuano ang "Welcome to Cebu"?


6 admin   (08-March-2012 5:17 PM)
"Welcome to Cebu" is "Maayong Pag-abot sa Cebu"

4 Dave Wright   (19-January-2012 9:50 PM)
can you please translate the following into english please? Dona gai K no Pikot ? thanks

3 Allan Dominguez   (30-November-2011 9:39 PM)
very helpful

2 Althea Aranar   (18-October-2011 1:19 AM)
thanks very much for making this. Pls make another, it would help me a lot. :)

1 Enrique Gocotano   (28-May-2011 11:05 AM)
this is very good for me and please jot down another translation phrases for me