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How to Get Birth Certificates in Cebu
This article provides you an essential information and steps on how to secure or get Birth Certificates in Cebu.

(Picture) Snapshot of a Birth Certificate by National Statistics Office in the Philippines.
The actual Cebu City Birth Certificate may differ from this.

This service issues certifications related to the birth as on file with the Civil Registry Office, certified transcription, certified copies of records on file per Administrative Order 1, s. 1993 of Act 3753.
CLIENT/S : Cebu City residents—Parents or authorized representative

Oscar B. Molo, Registration Officer
Contact/Telephone Number: 232-6664
Office of the City Civil Registrar (OCCR)
Cebu City
AVAILABILITY :  Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM - 5: 00 PM


  • Valid ID with pictures
  • Authorization Letter w/ valid ID of document owner/parents for authorized representative
FEES (How much to pay for Birth Certificate):
  • Php 50.00 for local use;
  • Php 100.00 for use abroad

Follow these steps…
Wait while Person-in-
Approach …
It will take…
1. Get  request forms  (RF)  form W1 and fill-up data
1. Hand over request form.
Window 1
2 minutes
2. Pay at Window 3
2. Issues Official Receipt (OR).
CTO personnel
10 minutes
3. Submit RF and OR to Window 2 for verification of ID, authorization letters and data and assignment of Transact No.
3. Receives and assess documents submitted.
4. Assigns Transaction number.
Jerene Montejo
5 minutes
4. Place accomplished RF in box at window 9
5. Searches the record, encodes, prints and have it signed
Fredie Lanurias
3 minutes
5.  Wait at the bench for your name to be called.
Linda Englis,

Carlos Pahugot,

Glenda Gaviola,

Narmie Balo
10 minutes
6  Get issued document/s at Window 10 when called.
6. Releases document.
Richie Arnibal,

Luz Cugay
3 minutes

Source: Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook
This information appeared first on the 2009 Version of the Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook published by the Cebu City Government through the efforts of the Mayor's Management Team.

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28 Evangeline Vinegas Sanchez   (28-January-2016 9:52 PM)
I would like to follow up for my birth certificate which I applied in Cebu City Office of the Registrar last August 14, 2015. I applied for a supplemental of name but up to now I did not received a copy of it, its been five months already. The LCR Registry No is LCR no. 17169. Hope you will help me with this problem, without going to Cebu anymore which is expensive because I am here in Tacloban City.

Thank You.

27 Tom Cummings   (14-July-2014 7:40 AM)
My birth name is Maria Liberty Ong I was born 03/11/1972 cebu city of the phillipeines i live in the united states now i have lost my birth certifcate can you help me get a new one please

26 Tom Cummings   (14-July-2014 7:26 AM)
MY wife was born in Cebo city Philippines lost all her papers including birth certificate birth date 06/11/1972 maria liberty Ong it would help us if you can help us as she can not get passport driver licence she lives in United States please help us if you can or let us know which office can thank you so much

25 lizel ancheta   (20-June-2014 2:31 AM)
hello..my child was born on October 20, 2010///she's now 3 years old...I came to bauan, batangas civil registry that year...I gave them the file of her birth certificate given by the hospital because I am the one who's to apply for municipal registration. now I realize why am I having 3 copies of birth certificate....I didn't ask why there are 3 not 1...its my first time...and I am worried...that what if my child wasn't registered...

24 maria cristina   (12-June-2014 9:03 AM)
please help me how can i avail the transaction if i dont even have an i.d ? i dont have school i.d's or work i.d's . is it ok if the alumni i.d in school ill be using in getting a birth certificate? or others ? please reply asap .

23 Rose   (20-July-2013 1:19 PM)
My husband and I are both foreigners living and working in Asia. We are planning on delivery our second child at Chong Hua Hospital. We were informed by the Hospital that it takes 2 weeks for a birth certificate to be issued after the child's birth. Is there any way we can expedite this process for an additional fee?

Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.

Looking forward to your response,

22 Fay chariza baja   (11-May-2013 11:13 AM)
My oldest daughter's birth certificate was not registered, is it possible if she will be the one to register? She is already 21 yrs old. What are the requirements for her to prepare before going to cebu? We live in antipolo. Please help me

21 mariejune villarin   (09-May-2013 10:38 AM)
Good am maam. I need your help. I need a copy of my birth certificate (LCR) but since im staying in manila already. can you help me maam. I don't have any relatives their anymore and its too expensive for me to travel from manila to cebu city then back to manila. PLease....

20 Carla mae gallofin   (27-February-2013 10:46 AM)
Gud am sir/maam,
Can i asked can i changed my child surname. She used her father surname. We separate already and
We not yet get married since before, when i give birth to my child his family used their my child father surname.

What is the procedures po para machange k ang surname nang anak ko sa surname ko..?

Pls help me po salamat

19 Virginia G. Daniel   (18-February-2013 2:56 PM)
Good pm. A friend working as household helper, LORETA T. BINARAO who is now a senior citizen is hoping to secure a transcribed copy of her unreadable birth certificate. She cannot personally request from Cebu LCR as she cannot travel by herself as well as she may be able to communicate coherently because of below average educational attainment. If you can kindly assist in sending her a clear copy that she may use in all her future requirements as senior citizen. The registry number stated on the NSO birth cert copy is 622.
Hoping for your immediate attention.

18 ms.marivic   (20-January-2013 2:29 PM)
good pm madam/sir.i wanna ask some information about for married requirements if my husband to be is from france...we asking for his requirements or any documents need to bring we his get here please help us? thank you i hope i can reacieved your reply to my email addres....very soon i live in lapu lapu city only .thank you

17 anisah palao   (16-October-2012 1:44 PM)
hello..pwd po q ask ano mga steps kelangan gawin at bagay na e comply pra makakuha kmi birth certificate ng kuya q..he's 23 yrs old na kc tapos wla xa record sa NSO..pls wait po aq sa response thank you and godbless!!

16 RIO JAVILO MONTERDE   (12-September-2012 8:09 AM)
ako po c rio javilo monterde paano po ang dapat kung gawin dahil ibang pangalan po ang lumabas sa aking birth certificate at nagpadala na po ako lhat ng mga kaukulang papeles na kailangan po diyan ako po kasi ay nasa manila na ngayon at may trabaho hindi ko po maasikaso ang aking birth certificate ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin ang lumabas po ay marcial ang aking pangalan.

15 Janice S. Georfo   (03-August-2012 2:48 PM)
MY husband needs to be late registered, what are the requirements for late registration of birth. thanks

14 Janice S. Georfo   (03-August-2012 2:38 PM)
I live here in cebu city, and my husband and i we're married in pinamungajan,cebu, and there is an error regarding my date of birth, instead of april 30,1984 in our marriage cert, it is 1982, what are the requirements if i am going to correct it? and can i process it here in cebu city?? please do help..thanks.

12 Ian Kirby Fisalbon   (03-August-2012 7:37 AM)
I live in the province of cebu. Is it possible to get my birth certificate here in cebu city?

13 admin   (03-August-2012 8:32 AM)
Yes, Ian

10 Hazel B. Sabandal   (11-July-2012 9:54 AM)
Hi im her in Legazpi City, my husband was born in cebu and he needs to correct name error in his birth certificate who can help me ( us and how can i get a birth certificate without going to cebu? and how much will it cost? what are the requirements?

8 mr. archel r. torres, RN   (01-April-2012 0:44 AM)
when can i possibly get nso copy of the live birth of my child born january 22, 2012 registered the same day? thank you

9 admin   (01-April-2012 9:02 AM)
mr. archel, in what city did you register your child?

7 saturnino villarin jr   (07-February-2012 3:34 PM)
i just want to see my birth certifiicate i'm saturnino villarin jr born in cebu on july 12 1990/1991.i dont know the exact year.

6 Haide Jill Venassa Pasero   (11-January-2012 10:16 PM)
Hello, my gf needs to correct spelling error in her birth certificate. Who can help me(us) and how much will it cost? She has no government issued id.

5 Sheryl April Iglesias   (27-December-2011 8:37 AM)
I'm from Pangasinan but I was born in Lapu- lapu City, Cebu. As a requirement in getting a passport is to pass an authenticated NSO birth certificate and to have that I have to get a local birth certificate from where I was born and that is in Cebu.

How can I get a local birth certificate without going to Cebu? Can I get it by fax or email? Please help me. Thank you!

4 luce   (05-October-2011 6:13 PM)
is there any agency or government agency who can help a people in their live birth registration? especially those people who are economically unstable? i just want to know because i didnt know any agency ehhh.... plss help me naman..

3 Vincent   (21-September-2011 11:18 AM)
Good Morning!

Asking of requirements for changing my middle name and the name of my mother, in my birth certificate.
and how many days can fix the error, and also the payment of processing..

Thank you so much

2 SHERRY CASCARO-PALCONG   (06-May-2011 9:33 AM)


I just want to inquire if birth certicate under your geographic area of responsibility can be obtain in other NSO branches. My father was born in Cebu can we acquire in in local General Santos City NSO office?


1 Jovencio S dela Cerna Jr   (09-February-2011 8:04 AM)
i want to ask f i can get my birth cert. in cebu city i born in dumanjug ,cebu then i til my mother to get my birth cert. in our town of dumanjug but the prson incharge telling that i dnt hve record . so i ask hw cme i dnt hve rcord then im already in other country then why i get my birth cert. before and now i dnt records