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How to Type Division Sign or Divided By (÷) in Computer

If you're going to look at your computer/laptop keyboard, you cannot find the division sign, right? Then, what's the secret of making a division sign in your computer?

If you are an average computer user, you might find it difficult on how to type division or divided by symbol (÷). Especially if you're writing math formulas that use math symbols heavily, typing division (÷) sign is a mystery.

Let me help you. And let this be your easy guide, a keyboard shortcut of division sign.

Division Sign
a big division sign

How to Type Division or Divided By (÷) in a Computer?
  • Hold Alt key in your keyboard while typing 0247
Alt + 0247 = ÷

How to Type Division Sign

Another option is to copy this division sign ÷ and paste it wherever you want. Choose which size you need...


If you're having any trouble copying the division sign, highlight the division sign above and right click with your mouse then click Copy. Then, you can paste that anywhere you want, be it on another website, on Microsoft excel, in a textpad editor, etc.

Did you test this guide on your own? Tell us in the comment below whether you successfully made a division sign ÷ on your own.
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1 Fairy   (19 January 2018 4:16 AM)
Can I get a list of all the symbols you can use on the Keyboard please? Thanks