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How to Type Multiplication Sign (×) in Computer

Don't know how to type or make a multiplication sign (×) in your computer? It's very easy my friend.

type multiplication sign (x)
Multiplication Symbol
multiplication sign/symbol

You have two options to make a multiplication sign:

1.  Just type letter X or x in your keyboard.
2.  Use the keyboard shortcut of multiplication symbol (×). How?
  • Hold Alt in your keyboard and press 0215
Alt + 0215 = ×

Note: Use the Numpad (Numeric pad) located on the right side of your keyboard. It will not work if you use the numeric characters located on the upperpart of the alphabet in the keyboard.


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Take note: In terms of design, letter x is has a slight difference with a real multiplication sign ×. So use the one which is convenient for you.
Did you try the keyboard shortcut of the multiplication sign ×? Tell us in the comment below if you've done the shortcut.
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8 Atif   (27-March-2016 8:35 PM)
How to use on laptop?

7 Anonymous   (24-November-2015 7:54 AM)
What about on a mac?

6 Andrew   (21-November-2015 10:03 AM)
i tryed all your answers but it didn't work

5 admin   (29-August-2015 7:16 PM)
babypeache, did you use the numpad (Numeric Pad). If not, use the NumPad of your keyboard.

3 Faizan Manzoor   (14-June-2014 6:57 PM)
I have try Alt+0215 but it did'nt work

4 admin   (07-June-2015 10:44 AM)
hold the Alt button while pressing the numbers 0,2,1, and 5 then release.

1 Rajat   (13-January-2014 4:14 PM)
We can put multiply sign by using shift+8

2 admin   (14-January-2014 9:56 AM)
Rajat, the * sign is usually used in programming or coding as multiplication. To achieve the actual design or layout of the multiplication sign, you can follow the procedure above.