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How to Type Multiplication Sign (×) in Computer
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Don't know how to type or make a multiplication sign (×) in your computer? It's very easy my friend.

Multiplication Symbol
multiplication sign/symbol

You have two options to make a multiplication sign:

1.  Just type letter X or x in your keyboard.

2.  Use the keyboard shortcut of multiplication symbol (×). How?
  • Hold Alt in your keyboard and press 0215
Alt + 0215 = ×

Don't forget to save, bookmark or link to this page for your easy reference.

Take note: In terms of design, letter x is has a slight difference with a real multiplication sign ×. So use the one which is convenient for you.

Did you try the keyboard shortcut of the multiplication sign ×? Tell us in the comment below if you've done the shortcut.

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3 Faizan Manzoor • 6:57 PM, 14-June-2014
I have try Alt+0215 but it did'nt work
1 Rajat • 4:14 PM, 13-January-2014
We can put multiply sign by using shift+8
2 admin • 9:56 AM, 14-January-2014
Rajat, the * sign is usually used in programming or coding as multiplication. To achieve the actual design or layout of the multiplication sign, you can follow the procedure above.

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