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Metrobank Head/Main Office and Telephone number
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Metrobank, Philippines

Head/Main Office Address

Metrobank Plaza Ser. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City, 1200 Philippines

Contact/Telephone number
(+632) 898-8000, (+632) 8700-700

Fax Number
(+632) 817-6248

Metrobank Customer Care (Monday - Friday)
898-8701, 898-8702

24/7 Contact Center Hotline
8700-700, 1-800-1888-5775 (for provincial areas only)

Metrophone Banking
5-8000 (Metro Manila), 1-800-1888-5-800 (Outside Metro Manila)

Metrobank Official Website

(Picture) Metrobank Logo

Picture of Metrobank Main/Head Office Building in Makati City, Philippines

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81 Non Metrobank victim   (11-November-2015 12:28 PM)
On November 4th at local S&R store in Davao City we used a Metrobank ATM for a 7000 pesos withdraw from our BPI bank account. The machine was very fast in responding that a transaction could not be processed at this time. I then went to the BDO ATM right next to it and withdrew 7000 pesos and it showed an off balance on the receipt. When we arrived home we contacted our BPI bank who processed the situation, and said it was caused by a 7000 pesos withdraw to a Metrobank ATM. Whenw e explained the machine did not process a transaction and actually denied the transaction they said they would file a request but it may take 3 to 5 days to see the funds returned to our account.

On Monday the 9th we checked our account to see that Metrobank had not processed the funds yet, so we called them, at which time we were told we had to call our depositing bank for this situation, when i inquired as to why that would be the case when it was Metrobank who had our money and a Metrobank ATM that took the funds they siad that is the way it works.

She then tried to explain it was an undispensed withdraw, where as I immediately corrected her and notified her it was not an undispensed withdraw but an illegal unauthorized transaction, as the machine did not process a withdraw, it said a transaction could not be processed, yet still processed and took the funds. They then told us it may have been a problem with the line and the machine was not online at the time we did our withdraw, I said well explain if it was offline then how was it able to take the funds out of our BPI bank account. Again no response

After a very long drawn out situation of being bounced to many different places (which seems to be a regular situation with metrobank when they are at fault for something) we found that our bank BPI had processed 3 requests and were still waiting on a response from metrobank and advised they would be sending yet another request. So we got thru to the manila customer service area where they informed us that yes the machine was malfunctioning and they did see where we were a victim of the situation and we would have to wait 3 weeks to get our funds. they took our funds in less than 4 seconds but they want us to wait 3 weeks to get them back, UNACCEPTABLE. that machine made an illegal unauthorized transaction and We wanted to file a formal complaint but they told us we could not file a complaint because we were not a member of Metrobank.

We have found that Metrobank is severely in breach of a few different BSP regulations and policies. Including but not limited to theft. An ATM machine is a running program and a program knows only 2 things 1's and 0's. A 1 represents a true or yes command and a 0 represents a false or no command. Its is programmingly impossible for a transaction to take place and the machine tell you a transaction could not be processed at this time. A program can not receive a 1 and output a 0 thats not how programs work unless a programmer has added an if/else command into the programming. Which is theft. By this I mean if a machine is possibly down or offline it is allowing the transaction to take place yet telling the customer there is no transaction, this is very deceitful on the banks part to allow this to occur, because if it were a smaller amount we may not have checked on the situation as the machine told us a transaction did not take place thus they would have successfully stolen a small amount of money with no one knowing the better until maybe it was to late.

An undispensed withdraw is that where a transaction took place yet the machine did not dispense the funds, what we have encountered is not this situation but an unauthorized transaction.

80 Imelda Chen   (05-November-2015 1:18 PM)
8 out of 36 ATM cards were affected last November 04, 2015. This is a very high percentage of 22 percent. Affected locations were different Metrobank and other bank locations At Cavite and Makati.

Kindly resolve asap as this is payroll, people's hard earned money.

79 Ehd A. Dedicatoria   (08-August-2015 9:12 AM)
Dear Metrobank,

Good day!

In regards to my call yesterday from your ATM DEPARTMENT, is there any update for my inquiry. My card was debited from July 15, 2015 until now I haven’t received my money. DBP email me that they pay the debited balance in your head office with the amount of PHP 4,800.00.

Kindly please settle my account because this take too much long almost 3weeks from now.
NOTE: I have two reference number from your domestic toll hotline (07272015691) & (08072015213EBD)

Your soonest response is highly appreciated,

Best Regards,

Ehd A. Dedicatoria
Asst. Contracts Officer

Formerly: Subic Shipyard and Engineering Inc.
Email: ehddedicatoria@subicship.com
Mobile : (0932) 116 9992
Work : (047) 232 2380 loc. 218

78 REYNANTE MANIO   (28-June-2015 5:37 PM)
Dear Mr. George Ty,

Good day. I am writing your good office to appeal for our cancelled business loans.
Since the start of our business from 2005 MBTC is our primary bank upto the present.
You bank help us to grow and we have been doing business for almost 10 years.
Last year we got a loan using our H&L as the collateral. From 5M then we finished paying it then we got additional 2M.
Our remaining balance upto now is only around half million. We applied for additional PN loan amounting to 2.2M and 1.7M.
2015 is a good year in our business, in just 5 months we got already 1 year sales target. Really the business is very good
and in effect we need additional capital. We apply for a PO loan and our approved loan around 6.7M, i say approved already because
we signed already documents from MBTC. The remaining PN was used to other projects and we did not settle on time we just requested
extention. Due to non-settlement of the said PN our loan was cancelled. We have been waiting this additional loan hoping to use in the pouring of bulk
projects but since it was cancelled our operations was being jeopardize. It really affected our operations. Inspite that we show all our cashflows, sales report
to your in-charge still we did not get any considerations. Actually, inspite of being partners for 10 years we seek alternative bank and inform them our case.
They said that , it is just renewal of PN and then everything will be OK.

Our feeling is that it seems we are not customer or valued client. We are in dire needs of additional capital hoping that MBTC will help us in our financial need but
all of a sudden you just gave us false hope.

You know that it is very hard to build a trust again with other bank. I hope you can review again our request and grant it as soon as possible.

Reynante C. Manio
Block 41 Lot 30 Phase 1, San Lorenzo South
Sta. Rosa, Laguna 4026 PHILIPPINES
Tel: +63-49-5302390
Fax: +63-49-5303338
Mobile: +63-917-8291112
Mobile: +63-922-818-2771
email: reynante.manio@technozone.com.ph
Alternative email: reynantemanio@yahoo.com
website: www.technozone.com.ph

77 Ariel Ayuyang   (26-May-2015 2:06 PM)
Some called me with this number and sating its from metrobank. The number is +180011101685 and it is just a voice recorded. Is this really from metrobank card?

76 Sherrie   (18-May-2015 9:40 AM)
Good day!

It's been two weeks since the bank transfer has been made but has not been reflected in our metrobank account. Please take a heed on this matter. Tried calling your customer care and none's picking up my call.
Feel free to contact me in my mobile number instead: 09156440038

Your immediate response will be appreciated.


75 Cherrydell Pelaez   (29-April-2015 8:59 AM)
Good day ma'am/sir, please help me regarding to my remittance account, almost been 2 weeks when he send the money to my account from Europe, until now no credit yet. Hopping for your response thank you. Please contact me 0927-5769-422

74 Milleth Dupitas Eugenio   (20-January-2015 4:21 PM)
Good morning ma'am /sir,pls,help me regarding to my remittance acc.its almost 1 month when they send the money to my acc,,but till now no credit yet pls ,check 093733017164' I'm looking forward for your response as soon as possible, thank you,

73 Robert Alejandro   (08-July-2014 11:00 AM)
is there email address to send my application and credential for job opening for Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro.. thank you.

72 anne   (13-May-2014 4:36 PM)
can i still open an account with metrobank if i have an unpaid credit card debt??? my credit card was lost and somebody used this! i need answer ruyt now just email me tnx

71 Mikey Santos   (16-April-2014 9:12 PM)
NEVER REFERRING METROBANK TO ANYONE! Worst bank in the world! I was going to encash my check at the head office pa man din. The teller forgot to return my LICENSE and since I was in a rush, I didnt notice til Ive left for work. The teller said, once I called to ask where my license is said, mam sinubukan po kitang tawagan 3x. I looked at my phone, I wasnt even talking to anyone during the time she claimed to be calling.

SINUNGALING PA. So i had to go back and get my license.



70 Jobel M. Partoza   (28-March-2014 4:31 PM)
I would like to verify if my application will be cancel due to I have received an email yesterday (March 27,2014) that the position I applied was not suit for me, But as per interview last March 25 , 2014 my hiring date would be May 01, 2014 as per Ms. Tess and she will email the other requirements. I have already done in medical process yesterday at Manila Doctors as per instruction.
Your immediate response on this matter is highly appreciated

69 Gloria L. Bernardo   (17-March-2014 4:52 PM)
I want to share my bad experience with Metro Bank. How I wish if I can get the number of the Head of all Branches within Pasig area so I can talk to him. You may call at 903 0492 look for cherry if I am not around.

Thank you.

68 Ruben M. Panganiban   (17-March-2014 12:27 PM)
hi good afternoon. i have a problem regarding the unauthorized withdrawal P25,000.00 in my atm savings account, metro bank sucat branch parañaque city. Deposited Ref. No. LMT0011MB-1016449 by Alex L. Torizo on February 3, 2014. Received by the branch on February 3, 2014 at 10:05 in the morning, and was withdrawn at 3:04, 3:05 and 3:06pm. Respectively on the same day as shown by their records. How come it was withdrawn without my knowledge and authority.

Thank you very much

Ruben M. Panganiban

67 Ma. Kristina B. Navarro   (06-March-2014 10:22 AM)
This is Ma. Kristina B. Navarro, i just want to know what is the next step to do after my medical exam? Where am I going to send the needed requirements for my employment. They said that I will start on April 1, 2014 as teller. And someone will email me the details. Do I need to call the HR-Head Office to know the next thing to do?

Thank you very much.

Ma. Kristina B. Navarro

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