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PAG-ASA Pawnshop Tabunok, Talisay City Cebu Branch | Telephone Number

PAG-ASA Pawnshop Tabunok Branch

Store/Branch Address
Cebu-Tabunok Highway, Talisay City,
Cebu, Philippines

Telephone Number

Email Address

Store Open Hours/Days

Products/Services Offered
Pawnshop, Loan/Mortage, Jewelries, Cellphones/Iphones, Ipads, Laptops, Watches, Aircons, Appliances (TV), Bicycles, Motorcycles, Power Tools

PAG-ASA Pawnshop Tabunok Branch is owned and operated by Davao Ros-Ver Pawnshop, Inc.

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Total comments: 57
57 Mia   (06 December 2017 0:26 AM)
Dawat mog fuji film nga dslr?

56 Myra Aiza Reyes   (04 September 2017 7:03 PM)
Hi pag.asa meron kayong laptop 14 or 15" yung mura lng please. . Dito sa Tabunok Talisay Cebu. Thanks

55 Argienadela   (28 May 2017 2:27 PM)
Pls emil lng nako Argie423@gmail.com...thanx

54 Argienadela   (28 May 2017 2:06 PM)
Hi pagasa pwede ko mangauitana mo dawat mo relo ang pangalan citizen water resist..pila man sad dwat...

53 eusebio mamac   (19 May 2017 3:59 AM)
need kog 14" or 15" laptop any brand nya kana sang barato rasad ba. please contact me via my email.

52 Jhonvie   (26 April 2017 1:03 PM)
Hi PAG-ASA ngutana unta ko kung naa ba moy CAMERA nga TAAS og PIXEL kung naa tag pila man pud?? ^_^

51 rouel   (25 April 2017 2:23 PM)
pila inyong i phone 6 if prenda?

50 Zenon Valle   (14 December 2016 3:46 AM)
Good morning.
Mangutana lang unta ko unsa adlawa ang inyo subasta.
Salamat kaayo.

49 Jimryan Tecson   (18 October 2016 3:50 PM)
Helo kato ning mopalit sa n u ps2 ang ps3 dili nalang nako dayonon og palit ang ps2 lang 1,000 man to nstistingan naman okay na maglisod man gud ko park dinha 6:30 paman mo magclose pwede andamon daan ang ps2 ako man bayaran sure nako this is my cel number 09424551806 i will be there manga 6p.m okay thank you akong kuyugon akong anak sakto pud manohe nato.

48 flor   (25 July 2016 5:11 PM)
hi im asking for how much is the gold earrings gusto ko na i prenda mag kano po ba... pleas pm me..

47 ely   (12 June 2016 8:11 PM)
hi do you have DLSR camera or send me your auction date so i can visit your shop.. please reply into my email..thanksss

46 John   (18 May 2016 7:22 AM)
I'm looking for casio watch for men.. I'm not interested in G-SHOCK.. I want another design like formal stainless steel and rubber ang straps sa watch.. Send me pictures so that I can decide what I want.. I'm planning to buy 2 pcs casio watch for men..

45 rey   (25 March 2016 11:53 AM)
i need cheapest laptop 14"or 15.6".please email me.htadz@yahoo.com soon as possible..thank you so much.

44 rey   (25 March 2016 11:50 AM)
i need cheapest laptop 14" or 15.6"....pls.email me...htadz@yahoo.com...thankz

43 rey   (25 March 2016 11:34 AM)
good day maam..im looking a laptop any brand and affordable...and how much the price.please.email me soon as possible..thanks

42 dennis sacil   (28 January 2016 4:48 PM)
how much the appraisal of lexmark scanner x5270

41 jonas   (23 January 2016 6:53 AM)
Hi, im looking to buy an aircon. .5HP. any available for selling? Please email me asap so i can go over and check it out. Thank you

40 leslie   (15 January 2016 12:46 PM)
Good day!

May I know you terms and condition upon pawning?Since I have pawn my digital camera in you shop in Guadalupe branch.I just want to ask if it is still possible for me have and pay for the charges since the maturity date stated that Jan.23,2016?Can you help me please.Thank you!

39 Roselina A. Glarian   (03 December 2015 9:37 AM)
good morning..do you have a cellphone below 3000?..please email me...thanks

38 Annalou   (07 July 2015 8:24 PM)
Hello! Do you have scooter motor second hand in lower price?

Please email me soon.

37 Annalou   (07 July 2015 8:22 PM)
Hello! Do you have second hand scooter motor? Please lower price.

Thank you!

36 grace tudtud   (08 April 2015 7:46 PM)
Good evening. How much is your samsung s4

35 jhonna143   (26 February 2015 8:25 PM)
Gud ev...do u have nokia 225 dual sim how much, tanks

34 Richard Ferraren Canet   (08 December 2014 9:21 AM)
goodmorning how much is your appraisal rate or value on KORG X5 ..just txt my no.09424840770.this korg is kind of keybord electric piano..

33 Hiruma Yoichi   (15 October 2014 5:03 PM)
How much is your pawn on seiko sxa103p1? Pls txt me 09324983217. Thank u

32 Kenta Sano   (02 September 2014 5:46 PM)
How much is your appraisal rate or value on acer wide monitor 14inch? Sms me please...
Thanks 09335198463

31 Kenta Sano   (02 September 2014 5:42 PM)
How much is your appraisal or value on acer wide monitor 14 inch? Sms me please..

30 Damon Yu   (13 July 2014 9:36 PM)
how much is your appraisal rate or value on iphone 5s?sms me pls. tnx 09321114859

29 mccoy   (11 June 2014 4:02 PM)
Hi. Do you have available tv? The cheapest one just for my room. Please contact me at this number 09236830819

28 jen   (03 June 2014 3:34 PM)
good day!
do you have available aircon?
how much? hope for the cheapest one

27 Andrea   (28 May 2014 10:47 AM)
Do you have PSP for sale? how much?

26 jovan ceniza   (21 May 2014 11:12 AM)

How much is your buying price for all in pc touchscreen 21 inches wide screen quadcore built in.

25 rhodora flores   (13 May 2014 1:55 AM)
Can I change the name if I'm pawning an item? Cause I'm not the one whose going to pay the loan. What's the process. Thank you. hope you response

24 dave   (11 May 2014 10:26 PM)
can i ask ? im from talisay . do you have an aircon , if you have ,how much ? cheapest price is appreciated , i just need an aircon its okay if it is a second hand . pls answer me , thanks .

23 Junard   (13 April 2014 8:51 AM)
do you have nokia s60v3. the cheapest one.

22 Angela   (27 March 2014 10:04 PM)
Helo, pag.asa, ng, Do you have nokia dual sim. active. How much?

21 lexciel castanares   (25 March 2014 11:37 AM)
good day do you have online shopping

20 christian   (19 March 2014 9:05 AM)
Good day. Do you have remate cellphone in your pawnshop? how much is it?

19 avir   (07 March 2014 5:21 PM)
how much will you give for iphone3g as pawn?

18 mark   (27 February 2014 5:12 PM)
how much is your offer for Aircon 3/4 hp Condura 2 months old used for pawn?
What time will you close?

17 vic   (21 February 2014 3:20 PM)
how much do you give for samsung galaxy s4 Quadcore complete with original box,manual and charger. 32gb

16 wilmar   (13 February 2014 4:30 PM)
ask do you accept SMARTBROADBAND ROUTER ???

15 martha   (15 January 2014 1:45 AM)
ask if do you accept sony wireless controller ng ps3 color red

14 martha   (15 January 2014 1:43 AM)
ask ko lang kung mudawat ba mo ug sony wireless controller ng ps3

13 Sherly   (13 January 2014 12:25 PM)
I just want to know if your accepting encyclopedia book

12 Iamwatiam   (31 December 2013 3:16 PM)
Hello pagasa, ask unta ko if pila dawat ninyo sanyo lct tv model LE22C700. Need to pawn it asap. Pls reply

11 Iamwatiam   (31 December 2013 3:15 PM)
o Hello pagasa, modawat mo ug sanyo lcd tv model LE22C700? Pjla inyong dawat? Need to pawn it asap. Pls reply... :-)

10 mayflor   (30 December 2013 6:43 AM)
sa tabunok,talisay branch lng ky duol ra sa amu,..pla sd inyo dwat?

9 mayflor   (30 December 2013 6:41 AM)
hello,pag-asa,..mdawat mo SAMSUNG NOTEBOOK model: N150 PLUS...window 7 starter?..pls.admin rply

8 eugene jabagat   (29 October 2013 5:50 PM)
pag asa is really good the items is affordable

7 cianmar   (27 October 2013 10:06 AM)
i would like to ask if you are opening today & from what time to what time

6 bert   (30 September 2013 5:22 PM)
kay cge ko tawag dili man motubag ok daghan salamat

5 bert   (30 September 2013 5:21 PM)
mam gd pm poydi ngayo pabor ako ta lokaton ang psp kaso dty pako poy ugma lang ty no. p543-307093-np ug pila ang lokat tanan may 31,2013 pa until now

4 juliet c. james   (25 August 2013 7:46 PM)
may i know your landline number??i am living here at dumanjug cebu i am looking for an android phone i am a teacher here at CTU Dumanjug

3 resel   (31 July 2013 8:58 AM)
Do u accept brand new cherry mobile blaze? if yes how much? clean and no scratches

2 Tata   (07 July 2013 2:07 PM)
Pila dawat ninyu ug laptop? Acer aspire 9600

1 mrutchyll taborada   (23 May 2013 6:13 AM)
hi there, when is your auction date for ipads? how much most of the price? thanks