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PLDT Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
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Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Company is the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines.

Being the largest telco company is not easy to manage. But with Manny Pangilinan as the head and Chairman, PLDT strongly committed on the quality of its customer service.

So, if you have any problems with your accounts or subscription in PLDT, rest assured PLDT does all the ways it can to serve you better.

If you have concerns, you can call PLDT Customer Service Hotline Number:
  • 171 (toll free) - when calling through landline or SMART cellphone
For Subscribers of Other Phone Companies
  • 8888-171 (Metro Manila callers)
  • 02-8888171 (Regional callers; regular NDD toll fees apply)
  • 02-8888171 (Globe/TM/Sun Cellular subscribers; regular CMTS fees apply)
For Repair Service Hotline:
  • 173 (toll free) - when calling through landline
DSL HelpDesk:
  • 172 (toll free) 24/7 - through landline
Directory Assistance:
  • 187 - when calling through landline or SMART cellphone

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39 Mayfel Pelongo • 10:48 AM, 19-February-2015
Good morning...Pls be inform that our landline 088 521-0305 have a problem regarding the incoming call.May we request to pls check it now because some of our customer cannot contact us...URGENT PLS
38 Nil Dha • 12:00 PM, 12-February-2015
Please check our dsl & phone encounteted very poor connection almost 2wks now #5708236
37 Ren G Guillano • 8:27 AM, 11-February-2015
please check our landline no dial tone 034 4910032
36 Ren G Guillano • 8:26 AM, 11-February-2015
please check our landline 034 4910032 no dial tone cannot receive calls thanks
35 Wynona Batican • 11:51 AM, 21-January-2015
pls check our landline 029611397 no dial tone at the same time cannot receive calls totally dead its almost 3 weeks ago and our dsl is affected tnx
34 Lalaine Santos Reyes • 7:49 AM, 18-October-2014
Please check our landline connection.we cant make or receive calls.its 4230093.i hope you do respond to comments here because nothing happens even if we call.
33 Mario Lañas • 9:49 AM, 29-September-2014
please check my tel. no. 266 4245 no dial tone
32 Mario Lañas • 9:47 AM, 29-September-2014
pls. check my landline 266 4245 no dial tone
31 Aida Lide Remotigue • 1:22 AM, 11-September-2014
IM so dissapointed with PLDT cause last may 2014 I apply for a plan 999 then I pay 1600 pesos for the connection fee and etc but then I dont hear anything from them so I went to PLDT Branch near our are and they said that they cant connect the plan cause theres no available port on our area so i decide to change the plan to smartbro the cannopy one and pay for the instalation fee of 499 pesos and just process a refund for the 1600 and they informed me that the refund process with take 1 to 2 months but after 2 months I didnt receive the refund so I make a follow up but then they informed me that the refund will take 2 to 3 months so I keep my patient and decided to wait for another month but then after 3 months i make a follow up and the customer service girl just informed me to wait for a phone call for my refund cause it will take longer than 3 months.. im so pissed off with their service they get the money right away but it will take them 48 years to give the money back... I think their such a SCAM...............................
30 Abad Markcous Jose • 6:11 PM, 09-September-2014
Whats the modelKW58293 password because i forgot it

29 Anonymously • 9:23 AM, 15-July-2014
I would like to follow up my land line connection, telesulit that since June 20 and until now July 15, there is no dial tone. You have a very poor service. Everyday I called up to the costumer service to follow up the said problem but it is always unresolved. I went to PLdt office twice, hoping that it will answer my problem but I am frustrated. I don't know where to go to address this problem.
28 amie liza cuizon • 5:47 PM, 19-June-2014
i would like to follow-up on my landline and internet connection. you have a very poor service. for your information from may 19 to june 8, we had no dial tone and dsl service. the service got back from june 9 to june 10. well from june 11 up to this date june 19 we have no dial tone and internet connection. imagine in a month, we only have two days of good service.
27 Lily M. Borabo • 11:33 PM, 13-May-2014
Kindly check our PLDTmyDSL wifi...we cannot open it...it seems that it is deactivated...
26 Apple G. Novabos • 11:17 AM, 09-April-2014
Hi Sir/Madam!

Please check our business landline 032-2362229, no dial tone.
Hope you could facilitate Asap as we badly need it for our operations.
Thank you!
25 Ma. Luisa M. Leonardo • 11:40 AM, 24-March-2014
good am. I would like to request cancellation of my dsl upgrading with the promo of free telpad which your representative offered via telephone call last March 23, 2014 at about 3 pm. I keep on calling on your telephone via 171 but unfortunately I was not able to talk to any of your representative. Your subscriber on this particular request in Jacquelyn L. Bartolata with landline number of (02)-8369302. Thank you and I hope that this request will be granted.
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