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PLDT Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number

Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Company is the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines.

Being the largest telco company is not easy to manage. But with Manny Pangilinan as the head and Chairman, PLDT strongly committed on the quality of its customer service.

So, if you have any problems with your accounts or subscription in PLDT, rest assured PLDT does all the ways it can to serve you better.

If you have concerns, you can call PLDT Customer Service Hotline Number:
  • 171 (toll free) - when calling through landline or SMART cellphone
For Subscribers of Other Phone Companies
  • 8888-171 (Metro Manila callers)
  • 02-8888171 (Regional callers; regular NDD toll fees apply)
  • 02-8888171 (Globe/TM/Sun Cellular subscribers; regular CMTS fees apply)
For Repair Service Hotline:
  • 173 (toll free) - when calling through landline
DSL HelpDesk:
  • 172 (toll free) 24/7 - through landline
Fibr Assistance:
  • 101
Directory Assistance:
  • 187 - when calling through landline or SMART cellphone
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180 Memie Baguio   (25 July 2016 10:56 AM)
I would like to ask your assistance due to our PLDT line (032-5202092) has no dial tone.

Hoping for your immediate response.

179 Memie Baguio   (25 July 2016 10:55 AM)

178 Memie Baguio   (25 July 2016 10:53 AM)

177 Memie Baguio   (25 July 2016 10:52 AM)
may landline problem then kami dito sa 032-2363507, walang dialtone names under NISSI ACADEMY, INC. PLEASE HELP US...THANKS

176 Shiela Mae Garito   (23 July 2016 11:11 AM)
hi how can upload a fibr..

175 ruben   (17 July 2016 8:53 AM)
hi wala na kaming internet 1 week na..tinawagan ko sa office pero walang sumasagot....

174 lovely   (16 July 2016 11:24 PM)
pag bayad na yong bill ilang araw babalik yong connection??

173 lovely   (16 July 2016 11:23 PM)
walang connection ang wifi, bayad na ung bill,,ilang araw ba maibabalik yong connection,?

172 glaiza dela cruz ortiz   (14 July 2016 4:45 PM)
Gud day....,ask ko Lang po Bakit hanggan ngayon wala pa rin kaming internet connection. Last June 24 pa po Ang huling nagkaroon kami ng net..... salamat po...

171 alicia a. valerio   (11 July 2016 12:28 PM)
My contract will terminate only July 22,2016, pls terminate it. I wont accept any statement of account after the said date. Thank you.

170 Ludina abilar   (05 July 2016 1:29 PM)
PLDT customer care our landline 9620770 has no dial tone and wifi connection 1 week and 1 day.
Hope for immediate action no emailed answer by your company also

169 Evangeline C. Baclit   (03 July 2016 10:39 AM)
I would like to ask your assistance due to our PLDT line (049-5081944) has no dial tone.

Hoping for your immediate response.

168 mAY sHILTON   (02 July 2016 10:21 AM)
oUR LANDLINE has no dial tone. I repeatedly reported it Ack no. 16981257. Up to now--NO ACTION!!!!!!!!

167 PANGAN   (30 June 2016 9:10 PM)
Good day.

Nag apply ako ng pldt landline last year pa po. isang taon na Ang lumipas Pero Wala siya resulta. Lagi nilang sinasabi na walang available na slot. lahat ng kapitbahay ko may PLDT LANDLINE Paanong walang slot?

Sana po mabigyang feedback. Bakit po ganyan ang sistema dito sa Entablado, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija.. Gapan branch po Ang naghahandle dito sa Amin..
Salamat po...

166 Stefen Palpal   (27 June 2016 6:28 PM)
paano pong mag e email kung magpapaconnect ka sa PLDT

165 Byron Foodstuff Corp   (26 June 2016 8:36 AM)
Jolly Morning!

This is from Jollibee Dau, we would like to ask your assistance due to our PLDT line (624 0601) has no connection/dial tone.

Hoping for your immediate response.

Thank you,

Lei Tayag
Jollibee Dau
(045) 331 2442

164 Pamela Henares   (22 June 2016 2:14 PM)
How can I enter the name of the establishment while holding the landline phone? Get a life and try it for yourselves to see if you can do it.

163 agatha   (22 June 2016 11:37 AM)
pacheck nmn po 2323217 paputol putol po kasi yong connection ng internet .. thanks

162 sergio campo pesado   (19 June 2016 10:40 AM)
apply ako ng apply ng homedsl bayad ako ng bayad ng installation fee kasi approve na may greetings pa kayo na happy to tell you that your plan have been approve pls pay the installation tapos pag ng bayad na ako refund naman ako ng refund naka ilang ulit na gnawa nyo sa akin yan just to tell me after 3 weeks na malayo kami sa pag kakabitan bat kayo ng aaprove kung malayo pala at kailngan ko pang bayaran ang installation fee para e refund lng pala

161 michelle escultura   (16 June 2016 10:35 PM)
i would like to inform that PLDT ultera give me a bill of 1253 in my 18 days of connection i cannot believe this, kindly explain this one...... can you do something for this....

160 Daisy Bambao Flores   (12 June 2016 12:04 PM)
i would like to follow up my PLDT ULTERA plan i think it has been already approved the customer service are calling me for the confirmation. but at that time i was B.C doing laundry pls can you call me again for the confirmation 09152856653-09108485905-09481499611 thank you very much for your assistance Godbless

159 Christina banaag   (07 June 2016 6:55 AM)
Please repair our landline phone and wifi connection,i had reported already however no progress of response was noted,it was 3 weeks already.

158 Concetta A. Valbuena   (02 June 2016 2:56 PM)

This is to inquire the plan 699, I need to know the policy and other requirements for the application of the said plan.
Can I also have the phone number where can I inquire.
I am here in Clark Pampanga

157 Jose Luib   (01 June 2016 10:47 AM)
LuibLuib hi pldt service I having trouble about my phone I'm trying to call my wife from Philippines it's working but wierd it's not ringing but the time keep running it's seems like not going thru her to call is it possible to contact me what's the problem my #415-286-8974 thanks pldt..

156 merly sapugay   (21 May 2016 9:31 PM)
i'll ask something about our internet connection..because we avail 3 Mbps internet connection and its not worth it because the crossfire game status is so lag...i want you to fix it...so that we'll be satisfied with your services...thank you..we are located in panabo city..thank you again ..

155 vvow26   (21 May 2016 2:50 PM)
Please fix our internet connection.It's been two weeks now. I already paid our bill two days ago and still its very slow. Please fix as soon as possible. 8156105 landline no.

154 Hershey C. Go   (18 May 2016 11:56 AM)
Hi, I would like to request for a service on our landline no. 2529093. The line doesn't have any dial tone and our internet wouldn't work because of these matter. You may reach me at my mobile number 09178688313 and 09258488313 or 2088314.
Hope to hear from your office soon.


153 Mark Angelo   (18 May 2016 9:05 AM)
We have been trying to reach the PLDT customer service for a repair regarding our landline. It has been 1 week that we can't use it. PLDT hotline number keeps on giving us the tracking number but there were no response from them.

152 Ma. Francisca Rico   (17 May 2016 10:55 AM)
Our telephone unit is defective. How we can change it? or repair it? it is office use so we need it as soon as possible. thank you.

151 nimfamercado   (14 May 2016 9:55 AM)
good day, i just want to report my line 0456281162.we have no dial tone and no internet connection. we are really in a rush to finish our online job, your immediate response is much appreciated. thank you

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