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PLDT Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Company is the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines.

Being the largest telco company is not easy to manage. But with Manny Pangilinan as the head and Chairman, PLDT strongly committed on the quality of its customer service.

So, if you have any problems with your accounts or subscription in PLDT, rest assured PLDT does all the ways it can to serve you better.

If you have concerns, you can call PLDT Customer Service Hotline Number:
  • 171 (toll free) - when calling through landline or SMART cellphone
For Subscribers of Other Phone Companies
  • 8888-171 (Metro Manila callers)
  • 02-8888171 (Regional callers; regular NDD toll fees apply)
  • 02-8888171 (Globe/TM/Sun Cellular subscribers; regular CMTS fees apply)
For Repair Service Hotline:
  • 173 (toll free) - when calling through landline
DSL HelpDesk:
  • 172 (toll free) 24/7 - through landline
Fibr Assistance:
  • 101
Directory Assistance:
  • 187 - when calling through landline or SMART cellphone
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Total comments: 148
148 adones y padero   (27-April-2016 1:24 PM)
Good day! I just wanted to have Internet connection with you guys including landline. How to apply? is it available in our area? my location is at Sinai, Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental. Feedback please. 09178445143. Thank you.

147 Alvin   (25-April-2016 4:07 PM)
Good day! please kindly check back our line 028332608 theres a dailtone but no internet connection...
5 attempt to call on your hot line there is non action please.....

146 JONATHAN R. ORIBIANA   (22-April-2016 11:13 AM)
...Good day! Kindly check our landline 808 7446 no dial tone since yesterday....and no internet connection

145 dawnalyn dahunan   (19-April-2016 3:41 PM)
i just want to ask if how to connect the family fam cam on my phone if ever i would get one for my house.

my #874-1541

144 Pam   (18-April-2016 12:09 PM)
I paid my bill Friday morning and my service was cut around lunchtime. I have been sending e-mails since Friday about my concern but until now, no action is made for my complaint. Then I will be billed completely for a service that I have not used. may you please do an action on my emails. PLEASE BE FAIR WITH YOUR CLIENTS. Thank you.

143 Reyes Residence   (17-April-2016 12:49 PM)
Hello! Kindly please fix our landline it does not have any dial tone and we cannot call your hotline services and the internet is very slow pls. it has been 3 days already and we need to call someone and it is very important we cannot call them because we don't have any dial tone in our phone please. fix these my mom is already mad of it please act right away

-thank you - Our land line is 032 340-2352

142 artramos   (06-April-2016 2:56 PM)
hello pldt please reconnect my landline 3331577 a lot of promises has been received from your office but no action is being done to address our problem. I have been wasting time and energy to visit iloilo pldt office only to end up in dismay up to this time.

141 artramos   (06-April-2016 2:47 PM)
we were not reconnected since i paid the bill on 3/23/16. tried to visit pldt iloilo office on 4/4/16 (for second time since this is where i paid my bill as already stated) and assured again of reconnection. however, until now we are still hoping and waiting for any action related to quality and good service you are promising to provide. Why are you so quick in disconnection but very slow in reconnection.

140 artramos   (06-April-2016 2:32 PM)
please check land line 3331577.

139 cehnnon   (05-April-2016 12:37 PM)
Kindly check and fix my Internet connection now... I already paid my obligation yesterday for 5mbps plan but the internet connection is very poor (downstream speed:232kbps/upstream speed:227kbps) until now...

PLDT landline: 032 266-4144

Thank you!

138 marilyn s. cadaing   (05-April-2016 11:21 AM)
i would like to cut now my landline no. my customer no is 0231295941.
please reply for this matter. thank you very much

137 Myrna Sañano   (02-April-2016 8:15 PM)
Please check our land line no. 046 4180780 we don't have dial tone one week ago.

136 Leomar Gulles   (02-April-2016 6:20 PM)
i am very frustated with the pldt, i pratronize your product, paying my bills on time and always upgraded my mbps, but lately your promise of giving me an 8 to 15 mbps for your 3,600 plan i feel i was cheated for the mbps that i am having right now is not accurate to your promised

135 Karen   (01-April-2016 9:36 AM)
Good day! Kindly check our landline 256-9778 no dial tone since yesterday.Thanks!^^

134 Rez John   (29-March-2016 9:09 AM)
Good Day!This is from L’ fisher Hotel Bacolod. We’re having a problem with our PLDT Landline Telephone (034) 433-3739 Account Number 23165016.We’re using trunk line from 034 433-3730-39. All lines are normally working except of the telephone number 034 433-3739 and our direct line (034) 433-7281 Account No. 31406838 also no dial tone. Upon dialing the said number, this is the voice prompt we hear “the telephone you’ve dial is not accessible at the moment, please try your call later” . We’re trying to call your hotline (171 and 173) but we cannot process because it says that “ the telephone you have enter is not on our records”. We’re asking for the immediate assistance to check our telephone line.
Hope you can help.

Thank you.

133 BRIAN   (19-March-2016 11:23 AM)
kindly check our phone unit with tel#4161617 and 4161618.we cannot hear the caller on the other line.

132 Aris Visda   (17-March-2016 4:54 PM)
Kindly check our telephone line and DSL Connection, we have no dial tone since yesterday..
Telephone number is (045) 6240594

Thanks for your immediate response

131 maricel eusebio   (16-March-2016 6:08 PM)
id like to report the payment made to my cousin's account. the payment was made this afternoon @ 12:00.The account # is 023610077 and the account name belongs to ARMAND RANARIO MASINSIN...pls reconnect our dsl service as soon as possible so that our loved ones abroad can contact us.

130 Marivi Shakya   (16-March-2016 5:31 PM)
hi.. kindly check the phone connection for 045 6247536.
No incoming calls. thanks.

129 maria ana faraon   (15-March-2016 10:10 PM)
I cannot register my home pldt telpad..please my pldt landline is 0427173986

128 lake garden hotel   (09-March-2016 11:46 AM)
Please check our telephone line and DSL connection. we have no outgoing and dialtone one week ago. Telephone number is (046)4834277.
Thank you

127 EDWIN ABELLAN SAN NICOLAS   (09-March-2016 10:21 AM)
Good Day
Please check the phone connection, always busy. 032-213 0060

126 lake garden hotel   (04-March-2016 11:01 AM)
Please check the phone connection, we have no outgoing call, also the DSL of Lake Garden Hotel with telephone number (046)4834277. thank you

Liezl Macasieb
Hotel Manager
(046) 4834277

125 carol   (01-March-2016 11:44 AM)
Hello PLDT,

We’ve already reported many times on your office at Mauban, Quezon since first week of February regarding lost of connection and no dial tone of landline under Christan Dave Almarinez 042 7175202 no action until now its already March 1 they said no available technician or technician will visit and check our place. I’ve called already with your hotline 172 ( repair depart) they said we have unsettled account but I know we have already paid the billed then after checking the account your representative told me that we need to call the billing since the record she checked iis there is no unsettled account and unbilled. Confusing isn’t it? For the whole February we have no internet connection and dial tone and yet we have to pay the upcoming bill. Please call this number 0932 8847487 we are having a hard time contacting your office and landline and can you please expedite the action we badly needed the connection.

124 new oriental club88 corporation   (01-March-2016 10:17 AM)
Please check our modem with account number 0244314767, with telephone number (046) 4135646.
Thank you. ASAP pls

123 Hotel St.Ellis   (01-March-2016 8:18 AM)
We would like to follow up on our application for our Business DSL internet connection.It has been 2 months already and we have given all requirement with our contact agent named Aiza Aranez,here in Legazpi City.
May we request for an assistance on this.

122 Ricardo J. Morales   (27-February-2016 4:10 PM)
Kindly check our newly installed caller ID from PHILIPPINE LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE is not registering incoming numbers. Our Telephone number is 872-9424 registered under the name of my mother Erlinda J. Wilson.

121 Johannah Internet Cafe   (24-February-2016 11:47 AM)
Kindly check my Internet connection now... I already paid my obligation but no internet connection until now...

pldt landline: 084 817 0048

Thank you!

120 Marlon Aparece   (17-February-2016 12:41 PM)
Good day, requesting assistance on our Landline it has been a while now without a dial tone. Our PLDT Landline is 895-6703 @ Petron Bel-Air Locate 363 Sen. Gil Puyat St. Corner Makati ave.

119 choi refalda   (10-February-2016 2:07 PM)
hello pldt.please check our office landline.no dial tone since yesterday.we need that landline for our business.please call me in my number.09126099309.tnx.
hoping for your quick response.god bless

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