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List of Classified Ad Websites in Cebu, Philippines

There are over thousands of classified ad websites in Cebu, Philippines. I cannot enumerate all of them here. They are too many to mention and most of them have very low traffic. The numbers are still increasing annually. I don't know which of these classified ad websites will survive especially those classified ad websites which are new. What I know is: any websites, may it be classified ad or any type of website, will only survive if their webmasters possess these 3 main characteristics: focus, love and care of their websites.

(Picture) Classified Ad Websites in Cebu, Philippines

Here's the list of classified ad websites in Cebu, Philippines.
  1. cebuclassifieds.com
  2. affordablecebu.com
  3. ayosdito.ph
  4. istorya.net
  5. cebucity.olx.com.ph
  6. cebulive.com
  7. cebucentral.com
  8. ceburealestatesales.com
  9. Piyesta.com
  10. carsforsalecebu.com
  11. itlivewire.com/rentie
  12. BuzzedNow.com
  13. carsforsalecebu.com
  14. cebujobline.com
  15. itemfinds.co
  16. cebu-classifieds.com
  17. cebu.locanto.ph
  18. cebu.pinoydeal.ph
  19. myadscebu.com
  20. cebuadspot.com
  21. cebucitysale.com
  22. classifiedicon.com
  23. ourcebu.com
  24. buynsellcebu.com
  25. cebuservices.com
  26. cebujobs-classifieds.blogspot.com
  27. cebuph.global-free-classified-ads.com
  28. kugli.com
  29. cebuads.net
  30. cebuclassifieds.mysugboclassifieds.com
  31. anunsyo.com.ph
  32. cebuclassifiedads.org
  33. adsph.net
  34. pwedeyan.com
If you have a business(es), products or services, you can post them in these classified ad websites. It's free to post. Posting your business, products or services in classified ad websites is one of the best and free ways of promoting and marketing them. Remember: the total number of internet users in the world reached to 2 billion. You can reach a huge percentage of those 2 billion people by posting in classified ad websites.

If you know other classified ad websites in Cebu, Philippines which are not listed above, inform us through the comment below.
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14 CliffordX   (10 September 2015 8:17 PM)
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13 Del Yebes   (15 February 2015 10:32 PM)
can you please add this..www.putmarket.com

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9 klikdito   (19 June 2013 1:04 AM)

8 wbtrasmil7   (11 June 2013 1:46 PM)
Hello,can you post our new philippine classified in your list smile


7 katherine   (17 May 2013 11:55 AM)
thank you for this information it helps me a lot!

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5 Ruel   (14 March 2013 11:23 AM)

3 Ruel   (15 February 2013 8:59 AM)
you can add this new cebu classifieds in your list;

4 admin   (15 February 2013 9:10 AM)
Ruel, cebuclassifiedads.org has now been added.

1 Candy Cardinal   (16 November 2012 3:48 PM)
Can you add this from your list... Anunsyo.com.ph - Buy and Sell in The Philippines

2 admin   (16 November 2012 5:38 PM)
Candy Cardinal, Anunsyo.com.ph has now been added.