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How to Pasaload in Smart
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One of the biggest telco provider in the Philippines, SMART is the first one who provides "pasaload" service in the world. "Pasaload" is a Tagalog version of "load transfer".

You can pasaload as low as 2 pesos from your account balance to your friends or family. To transfer a load or pasaload is so easy. This is the procedure on how to pasaload in SMART or Talk N Text:

Type <recipient's cellphone number> <amount> and send to 808

Example: 09187564331 <amount> send to 808

You can pasaload with the following denominations.

DenominationsProcedureValidity PeriodAirtime Received
P2Type <cellphone number> <amount> send to 808


To load 2 pesos to other cellphone or SMART account: 09187564331 2

To load 10 pesos: 09187564331 10

To load 100 pesos: 09187564331 100
3 days2
P1515 days15
P6030 days60
P20060 days100

DenominationsProcedureValidity PeriodAirtime ReceivedTexts Received
Lahat Text P35 (Smart Prepaid recipients only)To send Pasaload Lahat Text 35, type <cellphone number> <space> <LT35> and send to 808

Ex.: 09187564331 LT35
1 day1100 text to all networks
Lahat Text P20 (TNT recipients only)To send Pasaload Lahat Text 20, type <cellphone number> <space> <LT20> and send to 808

Ex.: 09187564331 LT20
1 day150 texts to all networks

Take note: SMART charges P1.00 per pasaload transaction.

Do you have any concern or problem with your pasaload transactions?

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7 Eloiza Castillo   (17-September-2014 10:32 AM)
I can't pasaload. It says that I don't have enough balance to complete the transaction but I have P105.00 load and I need to transfer P100. This is crazy!

6 Jena Marcelo   (11-July-2014 10:16 PM)
Why can'y I do pasaload? It always says, "Sorry, you cannot Pasaload the preloaded value or the load transfer to you....." Please do answer.

5 joshua   (01-February-2014 5:11 PM)
09292763282 150

4 joshua   (01-February-2014 5:10 PM)

3 Bornokis   (02-July-2013 3:44 PM)

2 KhIm Calmante   (19-April-2013 5:17 PM)
09127691274 150

1 nica   (20-March-2013 12:33 PM)
09103423087 150

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