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How to Retain Old Phone Number from a Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Sim Card?

Perhaps your sim card was stolen, lost or damaged and you want to retain the phone number of that sim card. That sim card might contain very important phone number from families, friends, relatives or business partners. They might already saved your old phone number to their phones. You don't want the hassle of informing them again with a new phone number. So retaining the old phone number is a must. How could you retain your phone number if your sim card has been lost, stolen or damaged?

Telco companies (such as Smart, Talk 'N Text, TM, Globe, Sun Cellular) implement a sim card replacement service. In case your sim is damaged/broken, lost (mishandled) or stolen, you can replace that sim and retain your phone number to the affiliate office/center of the telco company.

Some telco companies requires you to bring the sim pack (the card which the sim was attached) but others do not. So to be sure, you must bring that sim pack or if you also lost the sim pack, just try the office to convince that you want to retain your old phone number.

And the very important thing, is to bring a valid id.

When you go to the office or center, the office may require you to fill-out an affidavit of loss. And they will require you to pay for the sim card replacement.

So, the requirements you must bring are:
  1. valid id (at least 2)
  2. sim pack
  3. affidavit of loss
  4. payment for sim card replacement

Are you having a problem with your lost, damaged or stolen sim card?

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Total comments : 8
Prey ildefonso   (04 January 2018 12:25 PM)
How can i replace my old sim without changing number? In easiest way?

Regjie Duerme   (24 May 2016 9:25 AM)
How can i retrieve my lost sim, can i get new sim with the same number or what? please respond im disappointed right now

Jason Lemery   (04 November 2015 12:07 PM)
I lost my sim card at my pocket beacause I drunk , and so please help me to come back my old sim contact, and please follow up earlier.

Richard Navarro   (19 October 2015 12:27 PM)
how much the payment for the sim card replacent?

Lhaii   (25 September 2015 7:02 AM)
I thought it's free. How can we retain our old numbers free ? What if your customers don't have enough money to pay it. You don't want to consider it right. You must free this problem . Coz some peopple don't have their money tho !

kisiah ann enrique   (09 September 2015 4:06 PM)
hi how can i replace my new number to my old number ,i want to use my old number because it has emportant numbers.

sarah   (15 August 2015 9:36 PM)
How much would it take me to replace my sim card??

Geffrey   (01 July 2015 9:09 PM)
My Question is ? how you recover the Sim card into the original ? because my sim card is need to call the call center and i dont know the number . can u please help me this is important to me .