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Whitney Houston Ghost?
I am not supposed to tell this but it seems that it’s so awkward and I cannot sleep not to tell this.

Before I slept last night (February 11, 2012 – Philippine time), I was listening some of my favorite music in the radio while working in my computer. The MOR 97.1 radio station played some Whitney Houston’s music hits. I liked them very very much. Whitney's music always touches my heart. During the previous years, I even watched most of her movies. I was an avid fan of Whitney.

Then at 1:00 am, I slept. I had a deep sleep.

Unconsciously, an image of the face of Whitney Houston appeared in my mind. It was like a 5-second glance of her image inside my head. I dreamt about her. She was like a ghost in my dream. I didn’t know why she appeared in my dream.

In the morning, I woke up and told my wife about my dream of Whitney Houston. She laughed at me and said, "It’s just a memory of your mind and triggered after you listened your favorite music of Whitney”.

Then at 9:00am (February 12, 2012), I turned on my computer and surfed to the internet and bangggg…….. I saw Whitney Houston in Yahoo’s homepage. It was reported that she died. Reports said the cause of death was still unknown.

Did you know what I feel after I read the news? I felt shaky and got goose bumps. I was so terrified of the news about Whitney Houston. And then, I realized why she appeared in my dream.

Whitney Houston Ghost

Every time I have special people in my heart died, they always appear in my dreams. I don’t know the psychological reasons why I have this kind of ability. Examples of the people who appeared in dreams were: my two Grandmothers, Grandfathers, and some old people in my neighborhood.

I’m scared of this kind of phenomenon. They’re like ghosts in my dreams.

If you read this, I want to ask your opinion why do I experience this kind of paranormal event. Do other people have this kind of experience? Your comments can enlighten me.
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3 vanessa   (13-June-2012 4:09 AM)
my mom loved her music i loved it too rip whitney

2 vanessa   (13-June-2012 4:07 AM)
well i had the same thing as a kid maybe you just really miss her.

1 Lina   (13-February-2012 0:17 AM)
you have a great psychic ability. It seems you can intercept the other world. Develop it. Whitney Houston ghost is real. Many people experienced the same you had.