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2011 Nutrition Month Celebration in the Philippines
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Every year, in the month of July, the whole nation observes the Nutrition Month purposely to disseminate messages of good nutrition to all Filipinos. This year's theme, "Isulong ang Breastfeeding-Tama, Sapat at EKsklusibo!" focuses on the promotion of exclusive breastfeeding for infants from 0-6 months and continue up to 2 years and beyond.

Nutrition Month Philippines - Breastfeeding
Isulong ang BREASTFEEDING – Tama, Sapat at EKsklusibo! (TSEK)

One Nutrition One Nation Nutrtion Month Philippines
One Nutrition One Nation Nurturing the Filipino

In support of this developmental endeavor of the nutrition community to be spearheaded by the National Nutrition Council (NNC), the Department of Education (DepEd) enjoins all schools to participate in this celebration by undertaking meaningful activities that will highlight the importance of exclusive breastfeeding for infants and its benefits which is manifested by good health and nutrition when the child reaches school age until adulthood.
"There is nothing greater than for a mother to nurture her beloved child straight from her bosom."
- Justice Ma. Alicia Austria-Martinez
However, it is emphasized, that the "Engaged Time-on-Task" policy of the Department should be observed as stipulated in DepEd Order No. 9, s. 2005.

The Narrative Report with the pictorials on the highlights of the observance of Nutrition Month shall be included in the 3rd Quarter Report on the Integrated School Health and Nutrition Program for submission to the Office of the Secretary, Attention: The Director, Health and Nutrition Center, DepEd Central Office, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.

Since many of you are requesting slogans and jingles about the Nutrition Month of this year's theme, I've compiled here some of my creations and the creations of other contributors who posted in the comment. It will be now easy for you to locate what you are searching for. All slogans and jingles are credited to their rightful owners:

Slogans for Nutrition Month:
1.) "Ang gatas ng nanay ay masarap at masustansya, kaya kay baby ito iaalay , upang si baby ay masarap magmahal kay nanay" - by gloria maghuyop

2.) "Skin-to-skin Contact,With Breastfeeding of Mother's Perfect Together" - by jimver pe benito

3.) "Gatas ni Nanay, Walang Kapantay, Kay Baby Ialay." - by khen

4.) "Tunay na Walang Kasing-sarap at Kasing-sustansya, Sa Gatas ni Mama, Si Baby ang Bida." - by khen

5.) "Natatanging sustansya ni Baby, Makukuha lamang sa Gatas ni Mommy." - by khen

6.) "Walang kasing sarap magmahal sa Mommy, Kung sariling gatas niya'y ibigay kay Baby." - by khen

7.) "Kung gaano kalapit sa puso ang pinagmumulan ng gatas ni Mommy, Ganun din kalapit ang pagmamahal niya kay Baby" - by khen

8.) "Gatas ni Nanay Kay Baby Ialay; Upang Siya'y Lumaking Malakas, Masigla at Mahusay" - by tj lappay

9.) "Gatas ng Ina ay Mas Higit na Masustansiya; Kaya Kay Baby ay Mas Mahalaga" - by aling

10.) "Best Milk of Baby is the Mother's milk!" - by jasmine pauline duma

11.) "There is nothing greater than for a mother to nurture her beloved child straight from her bosom" - by aljid

12.) There’s no drink quite so HEALTHY and RICH as warm milk RIGHT INSIDE of our mothers' breasts" - by aljid

13.) "Do not pay for immunization, breastfeeding gives free sickness protection" - by aljid

14.) "Tiyak na kalusugan ang alay ng walang kapantay na gatas ni Nanay" - by aljid

15.) "Ang gatas ni Mama ang katas ng pagmamahal na naiimbak sa puso't katawan na siguradong magtatagal." - by aljid

16.) "Wastong pagpapasuso ng nanay ang magbibigay sa atin g makulay na buhay" - by aljid

17.) "wala nang lulusog at yayaman pa sa proteksyon idinudulot ng gatas ng ina." - by aljid

18.) "wala ng sasapat pa sa gatas ni inay,
mayaman sa bitamina pampahaba pa ng buhay.
sa minamahal na anak ekskluibong ibigay,
katawan nyay siguradong magiging malusog at matibay."  - by aldrene mark t. abello

19.) "ang gatas ng ina tunay na masustansya
kaya naman si baby,malusog at masigla.
sa kanyang paglaki.matibay na resistensya
ang magiging puhunan nya sa kinabukasang maganda." - by mathew laurence t. abello

20.) "breastfeeding provides protection against infection to babies" - by rozkipotz

21.) "breastmilk, kailangan ni baby
may taglay na sustanya
pampatalino pa" - by rozkipotz

22.) "6 months na
pag-breastfeed kay baby
habang buhay na
masustansya at
matalino" - by rozkipotz

23.) "sa unang oras ni baby
breastmilk ni mommy ialay
upang maging
matalino at masustanya
habang buhay" - by rozkipotz

24.) "sa wastong nutrisyon ni mommy siguradong healthy si baby" - by Angel Rangas Casimiro

25.) "Wastong Sustansiya ni Baby, Makukuha lAMANG sa Gatas ni Mommy" - by Angel Rangas Casimiro

26.) "Gatas ni Inay, Sustansya ang alay" - by glimpz

27.) "ibigay kay baby ang masustansyang gatas upang lumusog sumigla ang buong katawan" - by jomarie llagas

28.) "breastfeding, sama-samang palaganapin;
malnutrition, kapit-bisig nating puksahin!" - by tj lappay

29.) "avoid pollution for better nutrition" - by junax

Jingles for Nutrition Month
a.) tone ng judas:

ang breastmilk ni mommy
kailangan ni baby
kaya breastmilk ay isulong nah! REPEAT
WOOAAH ang breastmilk ni mommy ni mommy
WOOAAH kailangan ni baby ni baby
gatas gata-a-as gatas gata-a-a

by franz palegar

Suggest more slogans and jingles, we will add your work in the list above.

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184 chanel   (06-November-2012 4:46 PM)
ang batang matagumapay,wastong nutrisyon ang kaagapay

183 chanel   (06-November-2012 4:45 PM)
ang batang matagumpay,wastong nutrisyon ang kaagapay

182 alllysa opemaria   (24-July-2012 8:22 PM)

181 alllysa opemaria   (24-July-2012 8:21 PM)
ang pangit

180 lorielane   (20-July-2012 8:36 PM)
need ko po research bout school- community health and nutrition program...nid ur help asap...tnx po

179 Jan Reynold   (16-July-2012 1:55 PM)
Ako din po pengeng slowgan!! :D

178 mayudi g. usui   (13-July-2012 11:39 AM)
pahingi rin po ng slowgan...I need it now plsssss

176 cassandra paz   (01-July-2012 3:52 AM)
please po ..

175 cassandra paz   (01-July-2012 3:51 AM)
ate, kuya . pahingi po ng slogan para sa theme na '' pagkain ng gulay ugaliin , araw-araw itong ihain '' please . please .

177 admin   (01-July-2012 2:04 PM)

174 johnik15bru   (07-June-2012 10:32 PM)
healthy baby dahil mlusog si mommy..

173 Jay Repollo   (29-February-2012 1:11 PM)
Guys Pahinge naman ng SLOGAN names sa HEALTH oh LARAWAN nalang... aasahan ko yan :D
give lang ninyo sakin ang link kung may naidrawing kau nid ko lang talaga Hanggang FRIDAY nlang poh :D

172 Brandywine   (29-December-2011 1:19 PM)
Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very important.

171 tj lappay   (10-November-2011 2:35 PM)
"breastfeding, sama-samang palaganapin;
malnutrition, kapit-bisig nating puksahin!"

170 judy lee   (07-September-2011 9:21 PM)
hingi ng slogan.

169 junax   (22-August-2011 6:15 PM)
"avoid pollution for better nutrition"

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