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How to Apply for UMID (Unified Multi-Purpose ID)?
UMID stands for Unified Multi-Purpose ID. The Philippine government is adopting this ID in order to harmonize and streamline the identification systems to all government agencies and government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs). The first to implement the UMID card is the GSIS. This ID will soon be the only ID card that you need to transact with SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG. Want to know how to apply for UMID (Unified Multi-Purpose ID) Card? Follow the steps below.

Step 1

Bring the needed requirements:

a.) Bring any of the primary valid ID's:
     > Passport
     > PRC Card
     > Seaman's book
     > Driver's License

b.) If you have no ID's mentioned above, present at least two of any of the following supporting documents:

     > valid NBI clearance
     > school/company ID
     > Postal ID
     > Senior Citizen card
     > Major credit card
     > voter's id
     > Savings account passbook
     > Alien certificate of registration
     > GSIS member's card
     > Certification from the Office of Southern/Northern Cultural Communities/Office of Muslim Affairs
     > TIN card

You don't need to bring personal id pictures because the participating agency will do the picture taking on the spot.

Step 2

Go to any of the following Philippine Government agencies in order to apply or enroll for a UMID card:
  • Social Security System (SSS)
  • PhilHealth
  • Government Service Insurance System (GSIS)
You can apply a UMID card to any of these agencies.

The steps provided here is applying for a UMID card in SSS.

Get an SSS Form E-6 in the nearest SSS office and fill-out the form. For those who already have their SSS card, submit the SSS Form E-6 including your SSS card.

Step 3

If you already secure SSS Form E-6 and the supporting documents, fall in line for the data capture such as:
  • Photo shot by means of a video camera
  • Fingerprint by means of a fingerprint scanner
  • Signature by means of a signature pad
Applying for an UMID Card is free of charge. So, apply to the nearest agency now!

Sample of UMID Cards:


In case your UMID card is lost, damaged or broken, you will pay a corresponding fee (P300 as of year 2013) for requesting a new card.

Claiming Your UMID Card

You can claim or receive your UMID card within 5 to 7 days after enrollment.

Accessing The Data of Your UMID Card

Data of your UMID card can be accessed in four (4) ways:
  1. visual inspection of printed data of the UMID card
  2. access to magnetic strip through ATM PIN
  3. identification using fingerprint reader
  4. access to contactless chip through smart card reader
15 Common Data To Be Taken During Enrollment
  1. Full name of enrollee/applicant
  2. Sex/Gender
  3. Date of birth
  4. Place of birth
  5. Names of parents
  6. Home address
  7. Marital status
  8. Height
  9. Weight
  10. Picture of yourself
  11. Two index fingers
  12. Two thumbmarks
  13. Signature
  14. Any prominent distinguishing features
  15. Taxpayer ID Number (TIN)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is UMID the "national ID"?
  • No. It's a mere result of inter-agency efforts to give convenience in government transactions and to save cost of service delivery.
"While possession of the UMID card and/or ownership of a Common Reference Number can facilitate transactions with government, under no condition shall the absence of the card or the CRN be a ground for denying any government service to an individual."

Do you have any concern or problem applying for UMID card?
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139 Lumelita Bagiw Sancholes   (24-June-2016 8:55 AM)
Sir / Madam I want to apply for UMID .thank you

138 Michael pyalago quinones   (15-June-2016 4:28 AM)
Hello I apply sss

137 Michael pyalago quinones   (15-June-2016 4:28 AM)
Hello I need to apply sss I d

136 Edgar Abatol Ola-a   (30-May-2016 5:52 PM)
Dear Sir or Mam, I want to make UMID I'd is a requirement for my agency

135 Elnora tadeo   (13-May-2016 7:37 AM)
Good morning sir/madam,,i applied my umid card last 2011 and until now i dont have this,,thank you and god bless,,

134 Jonathan C. Elizaga   (04-February-2016 10:49 AM)
Hi good day Ma'am/Sir.
Im Jonathan C. Elizaga. I would like to Follow up regarding my application for SSS ID (UMID). I was filed my application for UMID last Aug 2015 in one of your brunch in fairview Quezon City, but untill now there is no delivery in my address, where is my UMID. May I know where can i claim the UMID. Please I need feedback, kindly send me a feedback to may mail. Nathanquezon@gmail.com. Thank you and Godbless

133 Maude Rolle   (27-January-2016 8:38 PM)
Please take my two photos down. This is my second message and still it's on this page.

132 LARRY LLAVE PENARANDA   (02-January-2016 2:24 PM)

How to apply this id

131 Maricel g. Millano   (01-December-2015 3:14 PM)
Hello sir/madam can you please help if what is the fastest way to get this UMID CARD? If i apply now when is the posibble date i can get the card? Because i need this card as a valid id for the requirements to apply an australian visa next week, please help me...thank you so much and god bkess

130 Mary Rose Jacob   (21-November-2015 12:29 PM)
thanks for the information. it's very much helpfull.God Bless

129 Henry m.cunanana   (16-November-2015 11:21 PM)
Can apply cause im in the usa..???thanks and god bless?

128 ronalyn ortega   (11-November-2015 9:55 PM)
if i'm apply a unified i.d and i'm married am i need to present my marriage contract or is it ok if not

127 CyRuS   (24-September-2015 11:05 PM)
we can claim or receive our UMID card in just 5 to 7 days after enrollment.
but my UMID card is more than one month. until now where is it?

126 Violeta Guevara   (22-August-2015 4:44 PM)
Is it possible to have 2 different UNIFIED ID numbers in case the 1st card is lost?

125 wilma, KSA   (18-August-2015 10:07 PM)
Can an OFW apply for UMID abroad?, if yes, How?

124 Janice Zamorano   (23-July-2015 9:54 AM)
Hello good morning po. I just want to ask about my old SS Id not the UMID one, it was lost last 2004. So please advise me if I will secure first affidavit of loss or just go and apply for UMID card.

More Thanks

123 khey Idmilao   (24-April-2015 1:18 PM)
Good afternoon ma'am / sir. What if i got my E1 form in the province and right now Im leaving here in Manila. So Can i apply here for Unified multi purpose id? Thank you.

122 jimzey sara   (15-November-2014 4:34 PM)
I don't remember they gave me any security no. to my UMID card... is there any?

121 jenna kristia bardisco   (22-October-2014 8:47 PM)
can i still get/secure a UMID ID if i don't have a TIN number?

120 Joseph Edward Novio   (05-September-2014 11:13 PM)
i have already sss#E1, pag-ibig ID, and philhealth ID. is there any chance to get a UMID ID for me?

119 Ariz Baclor Pladin   (03-September-2014 8:51 AM)
i don't have TIN. can i still get an UMID?

118 Ronnie Lazana   (26-August-2014 10:45 AM)
i forgot my security code for my umid how can i retrieve it

117 grace dela cerna   (10-July-2014 6:24 PM)
Sir/Madam,i would like to inquire about my UMID card its been years and still did not receive it

116 Shayrin R.Dela cruz   (13-June-2014 4:07 PM)
mkkkuha po b ako umid khit wala ako tin #? thanks en godblee

115 johnny tolentino   (08-June-2014 9:12 PM)
E1 only form I get there I get UMID even form E1 only ..?what do i do

114 aljon   (02-June-2014 5:27 PM)
di pala pwedi kmuha pag di ka employed or wala kna work for 2 months and up ..

113 anne78   (02-June-2014 0:13 AM)
Im 35 years old, I dont have TIN no. yet. Possible to get UMID and is there any office to verify my name if it holds a TIN no? Please help, thanks!

112 MJ   (31-May-2014 5:11 PM)
pwede po bng kumuha ng umid khit sss no lng. wala pa pong hulog ung contribution kc wala pa po aqng work. salamat po.

111 ALEX   (30-May-2014 10:43 AM)
yung UMID ko, one month lng nakuha ko na agad. :) Sa SSS Rufino, Makati kami nag apply :)

110 Emman   (30-May-2014 8:26 AM)
Pwede ba jan kahit e1 lng ung sa sss?

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