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Results of the 2010 National Qualifying Examination for Principals (NQEP) in the Philippines

The Department of Education (DepEd) in the Philippines announces the results of the 2010 National Qualifying Examination for Principals (NQEP). The 2010 NQEP was simultaneously administered nationwide on January 23, 2011. The cut-off score of the 2010 NQEP is placed at ninety (90) percentile based on the total standard scores obtained by the examinees in all performance areas covered by the examination with an equivalent raw score of 101.

The 2010 NQEP consisted of 170 test items. These were equitably spread across the nine (9) performance areas or leadership experience dimensions of school heads to include:
  1. School Leadership;
  2. Instructional Leadership;
  3. Creating a Student-Centered Learning Climate;
  4. Professional Human Resource Development;
  5. Parent Involvement and Building Community;
  6. School Management and Daily Operations;
  7. Personal Integrity and Interpersonal Sensitivity;
  8. English Language Proficiency; and
  9. Reading Comprehension
Given the cut-off score of 90 percentile, a total of 924 test takers or examinees hurdled in the said examination, representing approximately 9.5% of the total aspirants of 9,778. Enclosed is the Official Result of the 2010 NQEP.

The detailed information contained in the results are as follows:
  1. Complete name and region of the examinee;
  2. Percentile rank of the examinee;
  3. Raw score and standard score of the examinee per performance area and;
  4. Total raw scores, total standard scores and percentile equivalent.
The Department of Education extends its congratulations to the top ten (10) placers of the 2010 NQEP as follows:

Percentile Rank
Torres, Bemar D.
Alduheza, Ma. Sherwin C.
Aliga, Vicente P. Jr.
Raroque, Elnora T.
Renolayan, Hildo Inocente
Celis, Mercedes D.
Racho, Corazon D.
Celis, Amelia B.
Caspe, Eden A.
Magcalas, Omar

DepEd informs that request/s for re-checking of examination papers shall not be entertained. Similarly, application/s for additional points attributable to the Veteran's Value Point Privilege for daughters and sons of duly recognized war veterans shall not apply.

For further inquiries, please contact the NEAP, DepEd Central Office at telephone no.: (02) 635-4796, contact person: Mr. Antonio G. Ordovez, Jr., National Coordinator for the 2010 NQEP.

Below are the list of Results of the 2010 National Qualifying Examination for Principals (NQEP) in the Philippines. The lists are in pdf format (ebook) and are sorted by regions. Just click the links below to download the lists.

Picture Snapshot of the list of results of the 2010 National Qualifying Examination for Principals (NQEP)

Department of Education

National Educators Academy of the Philippines
Results of the 2010 National Qualifying Examination for Principals

Click the links below to download a copy for the results
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31 Juanita G. Vito   (11 September 2017 2:31 PM)
Good afternoon. Please send me the 2010 National Qualifying Examination for School Heads. Thank you and God bless.

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Good evening. Please send me the 2010 NQSEH Result for Region VI ( Iloilo City) Thanks and God Bless!!!

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Good day,

Please send me the list of National qualifying examination for principal for year 2009 & 2010.. thank you very much

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please send me the result of 2010 NQEP for Region XII

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I don't believe that the one who posted foul languages is a teacher. He/she might only be disguising as a public school teacher to ruin our reputation. I strongly believe that public school teachers possess the highest degree of integrity and professionalism. God bless us all

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Pls me the result of principal passers in caraga region Oct 2011

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Pls. send me the result of the National Qualifying Examination for Principals taken October 30, 2011. TY

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pls. send me the result of principal passer ng oct 2011..pls

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kindly post the full list of neap passers> oct. 30, 2011

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ask for the results of the NEAP Exam. for Region V

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Pls. don't ruin the teachers' image by saying bad things against anybody. You can express your sentiments in a better way. Be professional, pls.

18 luz   (13 December 2011 1:01 PM)
ask ko lang po kelan ang release nang NQESH last oct.2011?

17 gay banson   (12 December 2011 8:52 PM)
nagko conduct din po ba kayo ng superintendents exams? where can i get a copy of the application form for this type of exam? thanks

16 sgerz   (12 December 2011 8:52 PM)
hala ka...tlga bang mga GURO tung nagcocoment??kung mka comment wagas...ganyan ba mga asal na tinuturo nyu sa mga bata???nko poh....

15 ruiz   (12 December 2011 4:14 PM)
who the hell are you telling na mukhang pera mga nagexam...hoy!!!! kayu lang yun..but my mom hindi cya mukhang pera...kung tutusin over na ang trabaho nya eh,,

14 malapit na akun ma praning   (09 December 2011 12:57 PM)
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13 sdfsd   (08 December 2011 9:49 PM)
ang tagal ng result nereretoke pa ba? dios ko naniniwala na me na me byaran ata?

12 Remegio Villanueva   (03 December 2011 11:11 AM)
Tanong ko lang kung kelan ang release ng NQESH 2011? Sabi kasi ng examiner noong kumuha kami sa Iloilo City tingnan namin sa website ng DepEd Region at DepEd National noong November 20, 2011.

11 obang   (30 November 2011 10:16 AM)
Nakakalungkot naman mga comment na nababasa ko dito, merong may leakage na lugar, me nagsasabi mukhang pera mga nag-exam. Kayo lang yon, D kami tulad nyo,Wag nyo lalahatin.

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pki post na po ang result sa principal passer ng oct 2011..pls

9 Marilou   (28 November 2011 9:21 AM)
when will be the expected date that could be able to know the result of the NQESH 2011?
..pls email me,,thanks

8 ANDREA   (24 November 2011 11:03 PM)
Tagal naman ng NQESH result... Sabi ng examiner Nov 20? kelan Nov. 20? 2012, 2013... GoodLuck!

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hi! I like to to know went is the release of the 2011 NQESH. thank you.

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5 iamteacheratmakavelascoako   (21 November 2011 12:05 PM)
Bakit ba apurado kayong mag principal? Dahil ba sa MOOE? Ang nageexam lang ay 'yung mga mukhang pera. maliit lang na pondo pinagiinteresan. Gaya ng Principal dyan sa Tuliao National High School sa Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan. Mukhang pera! wala namang alam. Blanko so utek to! kapara nen Mayor ZAPLAN!

4 Oct22   (20 November 2011 8:18 PM)
May I ask if when will be the result of NQESH be posted?

3 Beray Durero   (05 November 2011 11:51 AM)
when will be the expected date that could be able to know the result of the NQESH 2011?

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kailan po pwedeng malaman ang results ng NQESH 2011

1 King Cyren Alyon   (24 August 2011 12:21 PM)
Walaq po bang pweding madownload o accessible na apllication form..para sa National Qualifying Examination for school heads..thank you..