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Best Type of Sand Used for Building A Strong House

To build a strong house or a concrete structure, you should use the best type of sand, a good quality sand. Why?

Because sand is used in mortar and concrete for many important parts of the house, including the foundation, concrete for the tie columns and bond beams.

Sand is also used to bond the blocks in the walls.

Given its importance, how would you determine a good quality and the best type of sand used for building a house?
According to Build Change, a non-profit construction engineering company who won a 2006 Excellence in Structural Engineering Award, the best type of sand to use is the crushed sand. If crushed sand is not available in your area, another good alternative is the river sand.
Characteristics of a Good Quality Sand:
  • Grey in color
  • Clean and free from mud
  • Not mixed with rubbish, wood bits, or roots
  • Not too fine (particles are not too small)
On the other hand, what types of sand which are not good to use for building a house? They are the yellow or brown sand and the beach sand. Don't ever use those types of sand according to Build Change.

Best Type of Sand Used for Building a Strong House
Avoid using yellow or dirty brown sand. This material is weak and there are too many fine particles to make strong mortar and concrete

Avoid using beach sand. Beach sand has salt, which corrodes steel. If beach sand is used for reinforced concrete, the steel will rust and expand, causing the concrete to crack and making beams and columns weaker and weaker until they fail or collapse.

Look at the effect of using beach sand in a concrete floor:

Bad effect of using beach sand in concrete floor

In the photo above, the concrete cracks and disintegrates due to the use of beach sand. This concrete is returning to powder. The only action possible at this point is to dig it out and to start again, wasting time, money and resources.

How to check a good quality and clean sand?

To check that the sand is clean and does not contain mud, put a cup of sand in a plastic bottle, add water, shake it up, and let it settle for 4 hours. If the water is clear, the sand is good and clean.

How to check good quality and clean sand
If the water is cloudy, the sand is not of good quality. It won't bond well with the cement, and the mortar or concrete will not be strong.

So, when you're planning to build a house or a concrete structure, make sure you use a clean river sand or a crushed sand.
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