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Scrap Computer Motherboards Buyer in Cebu

Ad Type: Wanted to Buy | Location: Cebu City
| Views: | Comments: | 19 November 2018
CEBU JUNKSHOP & GENERAL MERCHANDISE IN CEBU - buyer of scrap computer motherboards in Cebu with highest price/rate.

We buy scrap computer motherboards (or CPU motherboards and other computer parts such as power supplycpu processorRAMs (or memory card)keyboards, computer monitors, and other computer accessories in highest price offer.

We also buy other junk materials such as plastics, metal, brass, bronze, aluminum, etc..

We offer the highest rate/prices in Cebu.

We can pick-up your scraps (through truck; multicab or elf) or you can deliver them to us at our store.


Store/Office Address
C. Padilla St., Alaska Mambaling, Cebu City, Philippines, 6000


Contact/Telephone Number

Mobile Phone Number

To get the maximum price offering, please mention affordablecebu.com upon calling/inquiry or texting.
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1st picture of Scrap Computer Motherboards Buyer in Cebu Wanted to Buy in Cebu, Philippines

2nd picture of Scrap Computer Motherboards Buyer in Cebu Wanted to Buy in Cebu, Philippines

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Total comments: 3
Rodge Mark D. Abraham, [Entry]

Sir I want to sell my mother board please...contact me if interested
Suyanto [Entry]

Dear Sir,
I would like to order cerami cpu processor 386 & 486

Could you supply to me sir?

WhatsApp : +6282268193366
cihan oyar [Entry]

hello there please give me some details about your scrap board best regards