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Scrap Computer Monitor Buyer in Cebu

Ad Type: Offer | Location: Cebu City
| Views: | Comments: | 19 November 2018
Cebu Junkshop and General Merchandise

We buy a small or large volume of scrap computer monitors in Cebu with the highest price offer.

We also buy other scrap/materials such as:

    * Scrap Iron (Metal)
    * Galvanized (G.I.) Sheets
    * Copper
    * Brass
    * Aluminum
    * Zinc
    * Lead
    * Plastics
    * Batteries
    * Tin Cans
    * Barb wires
    * Junk Appliances
    * Computers
    * Cartons
    * Papers
    * Office equipments
    * Etc.

We offer the highest rate/prices in Cebu City.

We can pick-up your scraps (by truck; multicab or elf) or you can deliver them to us at our store.


Store/Office Address
C. Padilla St. (in front of Philwood), Duljo, Fatima, Cebu City, Philippines, 6000


Contact/Telephone Number

Mobile Phone Number

To get the maximum price offering, please mention www.affordablecebu.com upon calling/inquiry or texting.

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1st picture of Scrap Computer Monitor Buyer in Cebu Offer in Cebu, Philippines

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Total comments: 2
eric c. paco   (21 November 2016 9:30 AM) [Entry]

mam goodmrning,
naa koi 2 unit laptop, notepad ug laptop guba na cya, ang mga guba ani kai puro monitor ako na e dispose mam, asa dapita inyo store kai wala ko katultol sa address... thanks a lot
Samuel Alipoyo   (12 April 2013 3:57 PM) [Entry]

This is Samuel M. alipoyo ....tecnicla staff of rural bank of barili...i plan to buy a computer scrap...please give a latest pricelist