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Are TFTs intended for brightly lit enviroments only? [closed]

Are TFTs intended for brightly lit enviroments only? [closed]

I recently bought a 22" (LG) TFT to replace my old 17" CRT monitor. The very first thing I noticed was how bright it was. I reduced the brightness from 100 to just 20 and toned down the gammma and contrast. Then I opened my videocard settings and reduced the brightness there as well. I used this screen for a few days in a dimply-lit environment and my eyes are really sore. I had no problem with the CRT in that same spot.

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"Are these things supposed to run in
bright environments only are are my
eyes just sensitive?

Nah. You just have sensitive eyes or the factory default settings were too bright. You did well, and as expected, by changing the settings to something more to your liking.

Incidentally, you may also have got an equipment that had been previously on display. Light condition on many stores force the staff to increase contrast and brightness considerably to make up for this or to hide potential picture quality defects (one of the most common, foggy displays).

Meanwhile, being under dim light conditions really puts a big strain on your eyes when looking at bright patches of light (a torture technique too, eh). So it's no wonder you feel the need to make radical changes to your monitor settings that leave you unease and with the feeling maybe something is wrong with the monitor for forcing you to such extreme changes. Fear not, it's well expected."
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Also a notable thing about (cheap) TN TFTs: those usually have worse colours than other screens, so the "cheap" trick that manufacturers usually do is to increase the screen brightness, which makes colours seem more vivid, even though such screen isn't really usable for longer periods of time.