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Database and tools for validated BPMs of songs?

Database and tools for validated BPMs of songs?

I'm a bit picky about ensuring that all of my music has the proper tags in iTunes. I rip all of my music from CDs or purchase it by the album from Amazon, this provides good coverage. I then use Get Lyrical to add in lyrics information. What I'm missing is a good source of BPM information. I've tried various programs such as MixMeister BPM Analyzer to calculate the BPM of music, but they're never quite right (There is no way the entirety of Metallica's Black album is 128,000 BPM).

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"Not perfect, but with the plugin foo_run for foobar2000 you could easily launch a web search with your tags
(fb2k is to iTunes what firefox 3.5 is to IE 6...)

So, now that everything is installed, to launch a bm4djs.com search on artist & title with foo_run, add a new service with this path properties (in foobar2000 preferences > tools > run services):

http://www.bpm4djs.com/index.php?app_mode=search&search=true&site=1&sv_artist=$replace(%artist%, ,+)&sv_title=$replace(%title%, ,+)&sv_accuracy=tolerant&sv_genere=4&submit=Go

for album & title:

http://www.bpm4djs.com/index.php?app_mode=search&search=true&site=1&sv_title=$replace(%title%, ,+)&sv_album=$replace(%album%, ,+)&sv_accuracy=tolerant&sv_genere=4&submit=Go

for artist alone:

http://www.bpm4djs.com/index.php?app_mode=search&search=true&site=1&sv_artist=$replace(%artist%, ,+)&sv_accuracy=tolerant&sv_genere=4&submit=Go

for artist & bpm (if your bpm tag name is ""BPM""):

http://www.bpm4djs.com/index.php?app_mode=search&search=true&site=1&sv_artist=$replace(%artist%, ,+)sv_bpm=%bpm%&sv_accuracy=tolerant&sv_genere=4&submit=Go


You could certainly tweak it better with the foobar2000's title formatting and a little study of the search url of bpm4dj or any other website...

And, cherry on the cake, foobar2000 recently got a BPM plugin, it's still in early stage but the dev looks motivated."