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Dell latitude D820 vs D520 [duplicate]

Dell latitude D820 vs D520 [duplicate]


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"Most important difference is that the 520 is no longer available and the 820 is. Both are D series systems and you would be better off looking at the E ranges now in any cases as they are more up to date and better all round.

To anwser your specific question the 820 is a much more capable platform. To some extent you could configure an 820 and 520 to similar specs but even so the 820 was always a more robust and higher spec system. Some of the key differences between them were:

The 820 supports slightly better
spec CPU's at the top end.
The 820 can have an
nVidia Quadro video card, the 520
can only be configured with the on
board Intel GMA.
The 820 can be
configured with a 1920x1200 res
screenm the 520 maxes out at
The 820 can have an
intgrated WWAN cellular adapter.
The 820 has a modular device bay can
be used for both a secondary hard
disk or an additional battery, those
options are not available for the
The 820 has an Expresscard slot in
addition to the PC Card slot, the
520 only supports PC Card.
The 820 has an onboard Gigabit Ethernet
capable adapter, the 520 only
supports 10\100Meg Ethernet.

Any one of 2,3,5 & 7 would be enough to make me choose the 820 over the 520 if I had to make a selection. I certainly would not buy a business laptop that only had a 10/100 Ethernet adapter and having an option for an integrated second battery\hdd is extremely useful."
Guest [Entry]

The D520 may have a 4:3 aspect ratio screem. You also do not mention what video card each has. Are they the same video card?