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dns-323: changing UPNP update interval

dns-323: changing UPNP update interval

Is there a way to change the update interval for the UPNP server on a DNS-323?

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"I've heard tell of people using curl to automate button pushing on web admin pages. Depending on the kind of button, this could be very easy. curl is a featureful commandline file-transfer tool, but it can be used to activate a web control via script, cronjob, or other task scheduler.

The tutorial Using cURL to Automate HTTP Jobs is a great resource -- section 4, Forms, may be particularly useful here.

I don't have one of these devices to play with so I can't give you specific instructions for crafting the curl command. The general idea is to

figure out what request your web browser sends when that refresh button is pushed, and
get curl to send it instead.

It may require additional tricks to handle authentication, if the web interface requires an admin login/password. And I'm not sure offhand if curl is capable of ""pressing"" a javascript button -- this would require more investigation."