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Do more recent versions of scite crash less often?

Do more recent versions of scite crash less often?

Scite is not a bad editor, but the version I have (1.72) crashes on largish ruby files (there's one file that's 65KB it consistently barfs on). Are newer versions any better?

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Guest [Entry]

"1.72 is approaching 3 years old, since then there have been numerous speed and stability updates to SciTE. So yes, new versions are better. Do they crash less often? In general I would say so, but I never really had any great problem with SciTE crashing.

@pavium's suggestion of using a different editor isn't a bad one; if you live in your text editor having something powerful, extensible and readily available is very nice. Both vim and emacs fit that bill and are a nice way to go for cross-platform, being available on nearly every *nix install. Plus they have huge user bases and you can pick a side and start trolling in the great holy war that is emacs vs vi.

If you just want to hack out text and don't care to learn emacs or vim, there are a bunch of options Textmate is a joy on the mac, with E-Text editor acting similar on Windows. Also for Windows there's Notepad++, Notepad 2 (both being Scintilla based text editors) and Sublime Text. Sublime Text is a promising newcomer. There are others (hundreds of others), but those are my picks.

On Windows, between SciTE, Notepad++ and Notepad2 I prefer Notepad++ but Sublime Text is finding its way into my arsenal. I tend to use vim/gvim where available on *nix boxes (it just isn't snappy enough on Windows for me)."