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Good Windows Usenet reader which can get post count for all groups? [closed]

Good Windows Usenet reader which can get post count for all groups? [closed]

I have a need for a specific Windows Usenet reader which can list the post count for all the groups. Newsbin, a reader can do this but every time I try to read a message I get an error message which states it can't decode the body. I know my news server is fine because I can read messages using other readers.

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Guest [Entry]

"I use XanaNews, which lists the number of posts to any group I'm subscribed too.

Updated binaries are available here."
Guest [Entry]

"I've used Omea Reader from JetBrains for a couple of years. I like all the different views you can switch between, like Today, Yesterday, This week, etc. Search is quite good and the ability to switch between flat results and conversations. I only use it for newsgroups.

If you are looking for something with Outlook integration they also have Omea Pro. I have not used that one, but it looks similar, just more features.

Both are free now. But it looks like they have NOT updated them in the last couple of years. Still, solid newsreader and worth the look."
Guest [Entry]

"I think that Grabit can do this:

GrabIt, one of the easiest Usenet content downloaders in the world.
With GrabIt you can search and download any content on USENET news
servers, without downloading gigabytes of headers."