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Graphic Design in Outlook HTML Emails

Graphic Design in Outlook HTML Emails

At the moment we are creating artwork in Word and saving it as an HTML file. Opening up a new email, clicking insert on menu>clicking ‘File’>Selecting HTML file and choosing insert as text. The word document is then embedded into the email and we can create HTML links from there.

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"Sadly, Outlook has notoriously bad support for HTML in e-mails, and it will only get worse.

What you can do: try to cope with Outlook's way of handling HTML and CSS.

A good guide to understanding the do's and don't's can be found here:

and here: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/css/"
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A very good collection of email design resources is posted on Mark Brownlow's site (he blogs about all things email marketing): http://www.email-marketing-reports.com/iland/2008/07/42-html-email-design-resources.html