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hard drive recognized by bios but not by windows

hard drive recognized by bios but not by windows

I'm adding a new hard drive (A seagate ST31000340NS; I had links in here but I don't have enough reputation to post them. Interestingly, the bios recognizes it as a ST31000340AS, but it was bought as the other number...) to a friend's hp pavilion d4650e (mobo specs; google the model if you want the rest of the info, can't do more than one link.). Have had quite a time with it. Finally figured out that the hard drive needed a jumper set to limit the speed to 1.5gbps so the mobo would recognize it, and the bios DOES recognize it now. But not windows (using windows 7), using add new hardware or diskmgmt.msc. According to my friend, who was at the computer when it first booted after adding the jumper, a new hardware found dealio popped up saying something about raid, but I can't provide more info then that since I didn't see it.

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"Right Click on Computer Click on Manage. Double click on Disk Management.

Do you see the drive there? Is it missing a Drive letter? It's possible that windows just doesn't know what the drive letter should be so it goes ""ooohhhaaaahhhhhhhhhaoaoaoaoahhhh!! UNH!"" and decides not to show it.

You can give it a drive letter by right clicking it and selecting ""Change Drive Letter and Paths...""

Quote by Jeff Dunham on his Christmas show .... Dunno why I thought of that when looking at your issue. :)"