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How can I access data on my Vista hard drive if the computer crashes?

How can I access data on my Vista hard drive if the computer crashes?

Every couple years I get a new computer with a new hard drive and then just connect the original hard drive as the second one so I have access to all of my data in case I forgot to back something up.

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Guest [Entry]

"I used a Ubuntu Live CD to get access to the drive without too much trouble, you would need a secondary/external hard disk to copy your files to.

The only problem you could have is mounting NTFS disks in Ubuntu (don't ask me!) and getting access to password protected files, but as long as you don't stick important stuff in folders with Windows restricted access it shouldn't be a problem

Edit: NTFS support should be fine in Ubuntu these days

Anyone with more specific Live CD experients, go ahead an edit my post."
Guest [Entry]

"The security error you hit when putting your old drive in your Vista PC was probably due to NTFS access permissions. If the drive physically is in your computer though and you're an administrator you can override any permissions.

With the old drive inside your new computer

right click on the old drive in Windows Explorer,
then click Properties,
Edit (if Vista, not necessary for WinXP)
Select your username,
check ""Replace owner on subcontainers and objects"",
then click OK,
Click OK again,
Click OK one last time.

You should then be able to access the files on the old drive."