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How can I restrict access to a device using UAC in Vista?

How can I restrict access to a device using UAC in Vista?

Is it possible, in Windows Vista, to use UAC (or some other mechanism) to restrict access to a device? For example, can I restrict access to my USB Camera so that if a program tries to take pictures of me, it has to prompt me for permission?

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bert [Entry]

"You can give Devices access permissions, but this does not work with fuzzy definitions of what you want to block.

Every 'kernel' object can have its access permissions set to allow/deny per user/group etc. So if you install a program which gives you access to the (so called) ACL control lists of the devices the system uses, you can set that a user logging on as 'Bob' may open a device and 'Alice' cannot.

(I don't know a program that really does this, maybe WinObj can ...)

You cannot block an object on an action which you don't control yourself. So you cannot control the images a camera delivers. You can only prevent the 'open' command to succeed or you can write a filter which blocks the data like a firewall, but then you really have to write it yourself.

NB: UAC is a technology that prevents the administrator account on your computer to use his privileges without consenting every such action on a secure desktop. This is not a technology to prevent or permit access to anything. Right management does occur through ACLs (Access Control Lists)."