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How can we print on CDs with printer

How can we print on CDs with printer

I have got Blank CDs with white surface.

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Guest [Entry]

"Are there any special printers which
can print on them.

Yes, there are ... for example the MantraJet 1050 CD/DVD auto-printer

Standard HP cartridges
True photo print quality
50 or 100 disc capacity
Use any graphics application. There is no need for any special duplication software.Just enter how many copies you need in the print dialog box of any label design software and come back when all discs are printed
Ultra-high speed loading mechanism
Excellent service-ability
Powerful fan to minimize the ink contamination
Smallest footprint in the industry - perfect for live event recording

Or the DYMO DiscPainter

TEAC and Casio offer black&white thermal transfer disk printers which are cheaper ($50-100)."
Guest [Entry]

We do this with an Epson inkjet. Just as another option. But the previously posted ones would do better for bulk.