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How do I associate magnet links with Ktorrent in Firefox?

How do I associate magnet links with Ktorrent in Firefox?

I'm on Kubuntu, Firefox 3.5.

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Guest [Entry]

"You're on Firefox 3.5, right? Then Sathya's solution is wrong.

According to the site he linked, the flag you must create shall be called


not network.protocol-handler.*external.*magnet, as he suggested.

Besides, you can initialize it to false and thus Firefox will ask you the program which you want to use. I just did it and it worked - no need to restart Firefox.

If KTorrent won't support Magnet Links, you might try qBittorrent, which I'm using succesfully."
Guest [Entry]

"This worked for me, FF 47, Debian 9, KDE 5:

1. In about:config find ""network.protocol-handler.expose-all"", change to ""false"";
2. Click on some magnet link - a file browser pop-up should appear, show it full path to the executable (/usr/bin/qbittorrent for ex.);
3. Change ""network.protocol-handler.expose-all"" back to ""true"";
4. Download the world."
Guest [Entry]

"I was using gentoo + Firefox 19. When I had the problem, adding stuff to 'about:config' won't help and I don't see ""Magnet"" under Preference -> Applications. Eventually I found the problem and it may have something to do with the KDE mime type configurations.

I changed /usr/share/applications/kde4/ktorrent.desktop
by appending: x-scheme-handler/magnet; to 'MimeType=xxx'

Then I edited ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list
by inserting the line: x-scheme-handler/magnet=kde4-ktorrent.desktop

Then, if I click on an magnet link, firefox will pop up a dialog asking what application to use instead of saying not understanding protocol. After the pop up, you need to select ktorrent's binary (/usr/bin/ktorrent on my computer)."
Guest [Entry]

Right click on the link then choose "save link as." When Firefox asks for which program you wish to open the link with and then select Ktorrent.
Guest [Entry]

Because you should include the path of the Application on the network.protocol-handler.app.magnet "/Applications/kTorrent" instead of the app name