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How do I delete Western Digital SmartWare from my drive? [duplicate]

How do I delete Western Digital SmartWare from my drive? [duplicate]

If I don't want it on my drive how do I delete it? I've tried delete it from the drive with zero success. I've delete the software on my previous with no issues until now. I've even tried changing the files from read only and I'm still unable to remove the software.

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bert [Entry]

"You could try using Unlocker to remove an undeletable file as suggested by Geeks are Sexy

Unlocker is a very useful freeware
that will allow you to unlock any
files that are currently in use by
Windows. You’ll know if this is
happening if you are getting any of
these messages when trying to delete a

Cannot delete file: Access is denied
There has been a sharing violation
The source or destination file may be in use
The file is in use by another program or user
Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is
not currently in use

Unlocker will make things right again
for you.

You’ll notice that right after
installing the software, a new option
named “unlocker” will appear when
right clicking any files or folders in
Windows Explorer. To unlock a locked
file, just right click it, select
unlocker, and the unlocker software
will start. Then, click “unlock all”
and close the software. Now that your
file is unlocked, just delete it in
Windows Explorer, as you always do.
This is much simpler than solution #1
or #2, isn’t it? I hope these three
solutions will help you get rid of
those hard to delete files!"