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How do I transfer a video from an iPhone 3GS to my computer?

How do I transfer a video from an iPhone 3GS to my computer?

I recorded a bunch of video on my iPhone 3GS and want to copy it all to my computer without emailing each one individually to myself (in addition, some of the videos are too big to email). Is there an easy way to do this? (jailbreak options ok as well)

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Guest [Entry]

"If you're using a Mac:

You can connect via USB and use ImageCapture.app to import them.

The Image Capture app should almost
instantly see the iPhone attached, and
offer up a dialog like the one in the
screencap below. From there you can
choose where to download videos or
pictures to, whether to download all
or make individual selections, and
review and modify several other
options (e.g whether or not to delete
the originals on the iPhone once the
import is done).

Once you’ve made you choices and
clicked to download, it shows you a
status bar and quickly transfers your
videos over to the Mac. Or you can
just click to select a video and drag
it straight into your desired target
folder for it. I have tested so far
with only 30 – 60 second videos, but
these zoomed across to the Mac quite

That’s it – your video files will be
available as .mov files wherever you
chose to save them too.


If you're using a PC:

Connect your iPhone via USB. When Windows detects the iPhone, you can open the folder for the iPhone and copy the files to your PC."
Guest [Entry]

I use "MediaTransfer" - it FTPs right off the phone.