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How reliable is Unison? Did it ever ruin your data? [closed]

How reliable is Unison? Did it ever ruin your data? [closed]

I am interested in facts, when using unison ( http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/ ) ruined your data? I want to find out about its reliability.

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Guest [Entry]

"I stopped using Unison because:

it can't handle special and international characters in a file name correctly. I think that these files were not copied over (but I am not sure about that).
On a Mac, the (optional) GUI crashed often, so I had to restart the syncing process after each crash."
Guest [Entry]

"I haven't been using it as long as ttarchala, but it does work nicely for smaller filesets and I have not lost any data.

While it is not under active development, it is being maintained to some degree. There have been updates/bugfixes committed to the source tree in the last few months, and you can get current binaries here (for example).

Also note that you can improve performance by setting fastcheck/pretendwin which detects file changes by size & date, rather than checksumming the entire file."