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How to fix WiFi cable

How to fix WiFi cable

I have 3 WiFi cables of which 2 have bended plugs and one is decapitated. I have a broken screen assembly ready to take of its WLAN module (bar + cables) and mount it on this device but seems like that’s not possible with the retina models (as opposed to pre-retina).

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"If you still have the connector you might be able to put it back on.

If you don’t have it, then you’ll need to replace the antenna assembly, and no, you can’t splice the cable!

You’ll need to take the display assembly off, sliding the black clutch cover off to expose the antenna unit taking it off with the hinge replacing with a fresh unit MacBook Pro 13"" Retina Display Early 2015 Display Assembly Replacement

Here’s the needed part 13” MacBook Pro - Right Hinge, Antenna/iSight cable You might be able to desolder the cable and slide it in."