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How to make a DVD movie of my photos?

How to make a DVD movie of my photos?

I want to make a slide show out of my photos, burn this slide-show to a DVD as a movie that can be played on a regular old DVD player. Suprisingly, I am finding this difficult to achieve. All the programs I've seen want to burn either onto a CD or a program that is runnable on a PC.

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"Probably the best software there is for this task:

MemoriesOnTV is our award-winning photo/video slideshow software. This
feature-packed program comes with
beautiful and elegant pre-built
effects that you can use. In
addition, the powerful and advanced
features and tools allow you to craft
your slideshows any way you want. Let
your creativity flow with

Output: DVD, Web, AVI or MPG

MemoriesOnTV is shareware, try before you buy."
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"Although I'm sure there's software out there that can do it all automatically, you can find instructions on how to manually create a slideshow video at this link. The instructions are linux-specific, but I'm sure the specified software (or equivalents) are available for Windows/MacOS/Whatever that can do the same thing.

A quick summary to protect against link death:

Take all the images you want to slideshow

Convert/stretch/shrink/pad them to 320x200 resolution
Higher resolutions should be possible, but I've not tested this
Save images in uncompressed .ppm for best results

Copy them over and over and over and over again

Name these something like frame0001 frame0002 ... frame9999
You'll want 25 frames for each second of video
Fades and transitions are possible with clever scripting and mogrify

Use mpeg2encode to turn these into an mpeg video
Optionally create a sound file to play over the slideshow

Use ffmpeg to combine the video and audio tracks

Enjoy your new video. (Yay!)

After that, you'll probably have much better luck burning a normal mpg video to DVD with your software of choice."