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How to remove photos marked "from My Computer"

How to remove photos marked "from My Computer"

I have photos on my iPhone 4S that are labeled "from My Computer" and I would like to delete them. I have checked my computer and found they are not on my computer. When I click on them, I don't get an option to delete them. Any thoughts on how to remove them? The phone is going to be traded in and I would like to remove them first.

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"To delete photos that have been synced from a computer that's no longer accessible:

Create a folder on the computer that you now sync with, and add a single photo to that folder.

In the Photos tab in iTunes, click the box next to ""Sync Photos From.""

In the pop-up menu next to ""Sync Photos From,"" choose the folder you created in step 1.

Apply the change.

Uncheck ""Sync Photos From.""

Apply the change again.

Your synced photos will now be removed from the device.

Last Modified: Feb 18, 2015"
Guest [Entry]

"ok so i was having this same issue, im using ios 8 as well ...

go into your itunes and click on the little phone icon. Click on ""photos"", then make sure there is a little check mark in the ""Sync Photos from"" icon, choose the Desktop , and click apply in the bottom right of the screen . You should get a ""remove ...message"" and hit ok.

Then go back up and uncheck the ""Sync photos from "" icon.

Hopefully this will work for you!"
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You can just go ahead and restore the iPhone and that should solve the problem in about 20-60 mins, depending if you need to download the required IPSW.
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To wipe iPhone all photos permanently ,you need to use a professional iPhone eraser application. To save your time ,you can try Coolmuster iOS Eraser which is a quicker and easier data erasing process on ios devices at once.
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