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How to Remove UAC Icon Overlays (Blue-Yellow Shields) in Windows 7

How to Remove UAC Icon Overlays (Blue-Yellow Shields) in Windows 7

Over some of my program shortcuts and install files, there is an uac icon overlay (blue-yellow shield) and I find them really ugly. Is there any way to get rid of them please?

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Guest [Entry]

There is another way - create a transparent icon, run TuneUp Utilities and replace the User Account icon with the transparent one, that solves the problem and the shield icon remains in the context menu, but doesn't ruin your icons anymore. TuneUp can also remove the shortcut arrows with just one click and replace basically any icon.
Guest [Entry]

"Why go through all that trouble?

Enable the option View hidden files and folders
Rename %LocalAppData%\IconCache.db or create a new folder (place IconCache.db within it)

If you don't want IconCache.db at all, delete it

Hide system files and folders again"
Guest [Entry]

"In most cases, the Windows Defender shield on desktop shortcuts is due to old applications or applications with questionable compatibility and there's no need to compromise Windows Defender to eliminate it:

Paste the following vbScript into a text editor, change file path and .exe name, saving it in the application folder as Whatever.wsf
<script language=""VBScript"">
Set oShell = WScript.CreateObject(""WScript.Shell"" )
oShell.Run(""""""c:\users\%username%\my apps\dividing head setup\dividing head setup.exe""""""), 0, true

Set oShell = Nothing

Right-click on Whatever.wsf → Send to Desktop
Go to the Desktop, right-click on the resulting shortcut, and choose Properties → Icon
Browse to the .exe from step 1 → OK

Enjoy the new shortcut icon without a shield"
Guest [Entry]

I have three drives on my machine (two SSD and one 'normal') This shield only appears on some programs that are on my C drive. By moving the programs to either of the other drives, the shield dissapears. Of course this fact is only useful if you ave two drives !!