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Install Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard on multiple partitions

Install Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard on multiple partitions

I have a mac I want to partition so I can have three versions of OS X to choose to boot into. Before I go try stuff, I wanted to check if someone has done it or knows a handy way to do this which works? Thanks!

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"It's possible - just use disk utility for partitioning. Be sure to backup your files on the hd you going to use this 3x OS X setup.

I'd recommend moving your home folder to an second drive, so you have your user data on all systems plus a speed boost because the head (OS X) can now work parallel with the legs and arms (user data).

1) on the 2nd disk (must be an internal disk) and make a new folder and name it after your current user folder f.eg. ""patte""
2) copy all the content from the old into the new user folder - don’t change anything while copying or you could end up missing some files
3) go into the system preferences and right click on your user, there's an advanced menu were you can choose the new location of your user folder. After that you ought to restart your computer. If everything worked you should now see the house icon on the new user folder and an generic icon on the old user folder. Feel free to delete the old one."
Guest [Entry]

You'll find rEFIt very useful for this -- it will present you with an OS selection screen upon every boot.