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ipad 3 stuck on apple logo

ipad 3 stuck on apple logo

hi, i have an ipad 3, when i turn it on, it stucks on apple logo for a while and then it turns off, i have used another battery also but still problem is not solving, plz help

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Time for a trip to the Genius Bar! If iTunes is not recognizing the device, then you're going to need some higher level help. Make an appointment and take it to the Genius Bar for diagnostics. Meanwhile, you can reinstall the various connectors that you may have to had removed in order to do maintenance, to see if an improper connection could have led to the failure of the built in start up test. (Most Apple devices will run a hardware test before booting the operating system, and if it fails this test, then iOS will not boot.) Hope this helps!
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"My iPad stuck on the Apple logo screen, and reboot is useless. At the beginning, I follow the support from Apple. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201412

But I think it don't work well. So I google some recovery tools, and find the FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is OK. It can solve the stuck by one key, and quickly to recover. It also can recover data from iPad"
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Hi, where do I find the Recovery Tool?