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Keyboard number pad not working

Keyboard number pad not working

I am running Ubuntu 9, and recently I have a very strange error.

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"It could be your mouse settings. Your keyboard is set to move the cursor with your number pad.

To Slove this issue

Go to System > Preferences > Accessibility > Keyboard Accessibility
Select [x] Enable keyboard accessibility features
Go to the tab Mouse Keys and deselect [ ] Enable keyboard accessibility features.

similar to article: http://arcanecode.com/2007/04/25/ubuntu-704-and-virtual-pc-2007-mouse-issue-workaround-sort-of/"
Guest [Entry]

"Check if the mouse pointer moves, when you press 4 on the numeric pad?
If so your keyboard are in the incredibly annoying mouse keys state.

[shift]+[num lock] dosen't work for me on ubuntu 14.10

Enter the system settings menu
select ""accessibility""
Choose the last tab
The top switch is ""mouse keys"" Switch it of!"