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Microwave runs as soon as door is opened.

Microwave runs as soon as door is opened.

Model# JVM1740DM1WW I think the issue is in the interlocking door switch. Is there a way to check what each switch(there are open/closed/2 terminal/monitor,etc.) does? I do not have a voltage meter, and would prefer not to have to check each switch with one. I can't afford the service/repair fees,so need to repair it myself. Thanks,Ann

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"The door is not faulty (really, there are no active components on it *to* go bad - the door just has two injection-molded plastic switches which perform as actuators to engage/disengage switches-- the only way they'd ""go bad"" is if they snapped off).

There are three switches- the primary, secondary, and interlock - and one of them has gone bad. You can use the diode mode on a standard multimeter to test which one it is. For my GE XL1800 it was the Omron V-15-2C26-K which I picked up from Mouser for 2.50$. This seems to be the common component that fails on most models. (The failure mode is the switch's spring steel retainer keeping it NO/NC loses it's elasticity for those who are curious). If you don't have a DMM to test the relay, $2.50 from Mouser/Digikey/whatever is a gamble I'd be willing to take.

http://www.microtechfactoryservice.com/s... seems to have more information. I didn't read through it but it had ""discharge caps"" in their preamble so the rest of the page likely has relevant safety precautions."
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"You have a faulty door, it will need to be tested and replaced, there are no microwaves coming from the machine when the door is open and it is running. If you do not find the solution then you can replace your model.

One warning is : DO NOT operate the oven with the door open!


Thank you"
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I slammed the microwave door hard several times and now the turntable turns only when the microwave is turned on. Low tech solution!
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It’s the perennial favorite: Give it a good slam!! :-)