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Net.exe and Net1.exe

Net.exe and Net1.exe

Why there is a net.exe and net1.exe on Windows? They look the same.

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"I have got Windows 2000 installed on a virtual machine and can confirm that it has both net.exe and net1.exe and I just installed Windows 95 and can see it only has net.exe

I would like to install Windows NT 4, but can't find the media anywhere.

As Windows 95 only has net.exe and it is a lot larger, I am just going to guess that the reason it is how it is, is simply just compatibility issues e.g. Microsoft thinks that a lot of third party tools use it and do not want to get rid of the tools.

I would guess that net.exe is the newest version and when a old feature is called, it passes it to net1.exe - however, this is just a guess based on the way Microsoft does compatibility in some other tools."
Guest [Entry]

"Examining the two files in Windows 7, I can only tell you that net1.exe has more dependencies that don't appear in net.exe:


On the other hand net.exe has some unique dependences not appearing in net1.exe:


I hope that helps somehow."