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New screen flickers and touch doesn't work

New screen flickers and touch doesn't work

iPhone 6 Plus, bought it with a cracked screen. Had been dropped. Screen was cracked, so I bought a new screen. The phone with the old screen would flicker/flash white bars on the top of the LCD and touch would almost never work. If it did, it was after sitting for awhile. I replaced it with a new assembly and it's doing the same exact thing as the old cracked one. What gives?

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Everyone should be aware of how staggeringly common touch ic disease is on the iPhone 6/6+ and what the underlying cause is. Read this. http://tinyurl.com/z56m532
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"Touch input all jacked up after multiple screen replacement attempts

This is working for me...."
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Any of the scenarios they mentioned could be the problem or it could also be a defective screen. I have had a hard time finding quality 6+ screens online. Maybe someone else knows of a reputable source. Did the seller have a good reputation showing a good amount of success with this screen?
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"Have exact same issue. Flickers across top. Random and erratic function. Similiarly, pressing firmly on opposite corners, it may work- screen goes blank and have to restart but works with fingers of one hand holding pressure on the corners. No hits, falls or trauma that I know of- who knows if my butt and pressure sitting on it bent something. Case lays flat. No detectable distortion. Occurred after riding on train to NYC and installing several apps. One app actually controlled the camera function. Worked with Apple 2 hours on the phone. Now I have to go 2 hours to the nearest Apple store. Phone only 2 months old- loved-now hate the phone. It can't be this vulnerable. I will let you know how it goes. I hope someone figures out the issue.

Update (11/02/2015)

Apple replaced the phone and no issues. Probably the curvature of my posterior is less then the tolerance of the screen flexibility. The new one has worked well living in my front pocket."